should it be this hard??

Me and h2b get married in september, we are both 23 and want to have a large family and young. Plan was to start trying in august. The h2b got offered a job which meant training in leicester (we are in norfolk) for 9 months so we decided to try at christmas. then the job went as the company needed to save money. So back to trying in august! He is an interview today for a great job which involves 18months of training, 9 months local and 9 months away (anywhere from Hull to Scotland). He is happy for us to still try for a baby but i dont want to go into labour with my hubby miles away! Its so frustrating as we cant plan anything past june, dont even know where to live yet!

to make things worse my cousin got pregnant and is due in june and didnt want the baby and i would give anything to get pregnant when we can have that opportunity!

rant over lol! x
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