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Thinking about trying for a baby... But when?

Me and my partner have been together for almost 10 years. We get married in cyprus this may and we are also having a week away in september. We have both wanted children, and in 2007 i had a miscarriage which devasted me. At the moment we live in a 2 bedroom council house and we are kind of happy here, as we dont really bother with anyone as such, don't mean for that to sound awful, but there is some real awful people on here, majority nasty teenagers.

Anyway last spring/summer we were looking at buying a house. With 2 houses falling through and me being extremely paranoid about what is happening in the world today, we decided to leave it awhile as it had been predicted that they will fall further in price. We have decided whilst we are still living here we are going to decorate our living, bedroom and bathroom, so we feel more happy about waiting for our own place. Ww would very much like to start a family soon and i know no one can predict when they will fall pregnant but i really don't know when to start trying. As i havve said we get wed this may and are going away to turkey in september, so ideally wouldnt like to be pregnant for the wedding due to the wedding dress!!! lol. You probably are thinking why i have ranted about the house situation, but just wanted to give you an insight of our living situation and what are plans are for in the next year or two in regards to buying a house.

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