BFP this morning!

So excited, can't stop smiling. Hubby had big cheesy grin bless him

Let's hope & pray for a sticky one this time xx

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    Ah congratulations babe, i'm so pleased for you!!! xxx
  • congrats Princess71
  • Pumpkin-PiePumpkin-Pie Posts: 1,100
    Congratulations!! Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months xx
  • MinkymoosMinkymoos Posts: 301
    Fantastic news congratulations. x
  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,076
    Lovely news. Make sure you rest well and take things in your stride. This is the time to pamper your little one and be waited on hand and foot. Enjoy!
  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    Congratulations! Wonderful news - enjoy every minute.

    Coco 20+5 xx
  • Racheybabes22Racheybabes22 Posts: 1,564
    Congratulations! Good luck!



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  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518
    Thank you ladies xx
  • Radkad78Radkad78 Posts: 427
    Congratualtions xxx
  • MangalitzaMangalitza Posts: 5,871
    big congrats! x
  • GemilyJukesGemilyJukes Posts: 321
    Congratulations! x
  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518

    I have just done a "due date predictor" and baby is due on my birthday...29th Dec.

    My sister was born on my 11th bday & now baby should be born on my 38th

    How spooky is that lol xx
  • Hey Princess71

    Many congratulations - I remember you from the August chat room as we both got married in August (I was the 30th).

    I got my BFP last Sunday - it's exciting isn't it.

    The indicator says I'm due 16th December but I have longer cycles (not 28 days) so I reckon it'll be another 10 days after that really, which should make it Christmas, however only 5% of babies are born on their due date.

    Have you gone onto babyexpert - there's a room for ladies who are expecting in December so it's good to chat with others at the same stage.

    Hopefully see you over there soon



  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518
    hi Rach,

    Yes I got married on the 23rd August last yr lol

    I am on BE (have to see if I can remember my user name See you there soon
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