Were officially trying!

Hi all,

Just thought i'd share my excitement. Me and H2b are officially trying for a baby image

Had my implanon implant taken out in March and haven't really been trying until now, but fingers crossed something will happen soon.

So i need everyone to send all their good luck and baby dust Please!!!

Mrs Wilson 2 B!!!!


  • tattbagtattbag Posts: 264
    good luck - and enjoy practising if nothing else!
  • alexlazarusalexlazarus Posts: 116
    Hello, new to posting as have been a bit of a floater until now...

    MrsWilson2B09 - how have you found coming of Implanon? I have the implant at the moment and we have started talking about the baby thing recently. We get wed early August, and i'd rather not be PG for the wedding, but would love a early summer baby next year and i am umming and ahhing about when would be best to come off!

    Good luck as well!

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  • ooooo good luck- my h2b and i have started trying this month too- will let you know when i have some exciting news!
  • Radkad78Radkad78 Posts: 427
    Good luck - have fun BDingimage xxx
  • Thanks everyone,

    Fraggle Rock - I had my implanon removed after 11 months. I had really bad bleeding on it. I was so much better after having it removed. With it in I was bleeding every 14 days sand felt really run down. Once I had it taken out everything has returned to normal.

    So for me I'm better without.

    Minky maton - keep us informed

  • oooohhhh, good luck!! Sorry to jump in but we have officially started trying to!! Its so exciting the only thing is I am really impatient lol!

    We have officially started trying this month also. I'm not sure how i am going to keep patient waiting every month! I want instant results! X
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