those who are planning to have a baby

Are you prepared to give up the alcohol & smoke (if you do smoke) ?

My husband & I have decided that this christmas & new year we are not going to have any alcohol due to planning for a baby. I haven't come on my cycle yet (6wks) tests still say negative, so just waitiing in anticipiation till the day it shows up postive.

Was wondering if any of you still feel the same as me that giving up is a good idea cause we want a healthy baby & BE HEALTHY ourselves.


  • sherd3sherd3 Posts: 303
    I totally agree with you 100%.

    Best of luck to you and your family xx
  • We have jsut started trying and he has stopped smoking for it. I dont smoke or drink anyway so its not that much of an issue but yes, my hubby has stopped smoking and its wonderful as i hated the smoking! image

    i hope the test comes up positive for you love. i have to wait couple of weeks before i can test! i am so impatient
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    Join club Keri ann I am so impatient too.

    I am same as you I don't drink or smoke & so does my hubby.

    I used to drink socially at work, but I hated it. So I gave it up. My hubby & I think that its the best idea. We used to have one drink on christmas day, but that is a no no now. It seems so easy just making that one decission & never returning back.

    I am glad to hear that there are people like us, who don't drink & smoke. Glad your hubby stopped.
  • thank you love. my friends all think i am strange because i am only twenty-one and i hate drinking and clubbing and pubs etc. But at least its a plus when it comes to conceiving image
  • we are going to be trying for a baby next year. h2b doesnt smoke and never has, i use to smoke but gave up during pregnancy with my daughter (its so easy to say you will do it when you fall pregnant but its so hard) def better to stop b4 you fall pregnant. i dont drink at all and h2b only has a drink about twice a year when his mate from germany comes over.

    well done to everyone for stopping thoimage
  • We don't drink or smoke either, so we are looking at other ways to be more healthy before ttc. I want to eat 5 fruit and veg a day, and my husband even asked me if there is a male version of pregnacare that he can take!

    We want to do everything we can to give baby the best start, and it is a good excuse for us to get a bit healthier!

    Good luck to all the ladies ttc!!
  • Agree with you guys totally it is soo important to be healthy when trying for a baby and most importantly when you are pregnant and even when you are breast feeding.

    I HATE seeing women smoking when they are pregnant and I also hate seeing women smoking around babies, it is so toxic (but thats just my opinion)
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    Me and h2b arent trying for a baby yet (we're planning to start the night we're married) but we have made a conscious effort to prime ourselves. We both drink, but dont smoke, so drinking wise we've cut down dramatically. My theory is just because im not trying to pregnant, doesnt mean i wont get pregnant and i'd know that i'd feel awful if i got drunk or something when i was carrying, but didnt know!! That must feel so awful. So we're trying to be careful, and staying away, as usual, from anything too fatty or salty. Luckily we love fruit, veg and fresh produce so our diet isn't too bad, but we do put more effort into eating better now. And regularly too. I want to be healthy and strong and since im underweight for my height thats been a bit of a struggle. Ive never weighed more then 8 stone so to actually reach my supposed 'healthy weight' is proving a daunting task. Ive been just over 7 and a half stone since i was 15, (i dont like gaunt or anything, i dont diet, i have curves, its just the way my body is) so im finding it difficult to bulk up so to speak. Any advice on this btw?
  • Eat good fats - such as avocados or oily fish...

  • To tell you the truth im going to find giving up my daily glass of wine.... got 1/2 a bottle left - then thats it.... serious withdrawal symptoms image

    I really want to be 110% healthy with the run up to trying. Weddings not til August so i have 8 months to get our health, diet and lifestyle into shape...

    Brought a couple of Zita West's books, which are REALLY good... loads of 'practical' advice about trying...

    Brought my pregancare packet and h2b has his supplements of tablets to ensure we are getting all my right vitamins... and healthy living diet starting on Friday for me and h2b....

    Neither of us smoke so don't have to worry about that!!

    Good luck to everyone trying xx
  • Hey Tinkerbell - I am getting married Aug 2nd.......first night trying - our wedding night.....

  • Hey Kittyboo... hopefully see more of you in 'You & Your Baby' at the end of 08! image

    So excited about ttc... especially as my sister has just had a baby... h2b has always been broody!! lol

    Anyone going to try certain herbal tea's such as Red Raspberry Leaf or Fertilitea or do you think its a load crap.... ?! image

  • mmmm I'm not sure about all these remedies?? Worth trying everything I suppose haha!

    H2b is very excited (as i am) but he worries about all the financial aspect of it I wont return to work until bubba is at school. I do worry about the money but I am 27 yrs old and getting on (especially as we wld like at least two). We can survive on his wage...but it means no nice holidays etc etc


  • I guess from the very start there are loads of adaptations and changes..

    We have decided that i will go back after maternity leave.. there is no possible way for us to pay a mortgage, and this wedding has caused me to go without any holiday for a whole year... its killing me image

    Started looking at nurseries already image God im crazy!! Found out work help with some of the cost, and there a few which are local to work...The baby would only be there 3days a week.... It would still be under 1yrs old... which is pretty daunting!! Unless we win the lotto image

    Not sure about the fertilitea one... but Raspberry Leaf sounds pretty normal and tasty!!

    When is everyone coming off their contraceptions?

  • I am not on the pill, but a friend of mine told me she came off and fell pregant straight away....xx
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    For those of you who don't drink, do you go to pubs and bars regularly and abstain or do you just avoid those kinds of situations? My h2b and I haven't had alcohol for a couple of weeks now and we feel fantastic for it. However a lot of our social life revolves around the pub and we've got a few parties coming up. I know it's going to be hard to avoid the drink! How do you guys do it? I admire you all! x
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    I know Chesterbride......I will certainly miss my red wine !!

  • Am I the only one who isn't planning on giving up booze when trying for a baby? I love a nice glass of wine or 3 of a weekend and although I don't go out partying a hell of a lot, when I do I like to have a tipple.

    I already eat pretty healthily, do a lot of walking (as I don't drive) and have started taking vitamins and stuff but for the moment I don't plan on changing my lifestyle dramatically.

    We got married in September and are trying for a baby, but from what I have read and have seen, it can take ages to actually conceive for an average couple and it's not a guarantee that you will conceive for the first time of asking. And there's me thinking that all you had to do was to have sex!!

    If I am lucky enough to become pregnant then I'll stop drinking or have the odd one every now and again, but I know more than 1 person who has found out they are pregnant a week or so after a huge night out and their babies were perfect - in fact they had huge great big bouncing healthy babies.

    Anyway, good luck to us all who are trying - let's hope it doesn't take too long eh.
  • Hubby stopped smoking just before our wedding, and I've stopped drinking as much - not that I drank a lot to start with.

    I realised over Christmas it was probably a stupid time to stop, as that's when I normally enjoy a drink or five, but by then it was too late, so I had a couple over the week instead of a few every night!

    I doubt I'm pregnant this month, and it's our anniversary on Thursday, so if I'm not (should know tomorrow) then I'll be having a bit to drink. I won't drink if I do get pregnant, but like The Future Mrs L says, I know a few people who haven't known they were pregnant, drank as normal till they found out, and their babies are perfectly healthy so I shan't stress too much.
  • I agree with Mrs L. I know several people who have take months or even years to conceive. Hopefully it wont take me long but I know it's unlikely to happen immediately.

    I think the stats are 90% of couples conceive within a year of trying.

    I don't smoke and rarely drink, same with h2b but will be starting the folic acid soon as getting wed in April xx
  • Rasberry Leaf tea shouldn't be taken until you're about 37 week pregnant as it helps the muscle to relax and prepare for birth. Also, it takes the average couple, on average, 8 months to conceive.
  • We got married on December 23rd, while on our honeymoon we decided to start trying for a baby, i drank while i was away but stopped when i came back last week, my hubby has not stopped drinking, but he has stopped smoking, should find out next week if we have been lucky in our first month of trying! but if not we have bought ovulation kits etc to help! Is anybody else missing drinking? i am finding it really hard not to drink, especially seeing as i am not pregnant yet anyway think i will find it easier then! and will be able to explain to people properly why i am not drinking!
  • Just thought I'd mention that I went to the doctor's last week, on an unrelated matter, and mentioned to the doctor about trying for a baby and is there anything we should be doing (apart from the obvious)

    She told me that we should cut down on drinking alcohol, but didn't say that we should stop.

    As I haven't stopped drinking. I shall continue to not stop drinking (doctor's orders and all that!!)
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