Wrong time of the month.....

Hi all,

H2B and I are very happy to start a family and I have been off contraception for a while to get my system bacnk to 'normal' - only trouble is, I've become regular now for the last few months, and by my dates... I'm due on half way through our honeymoon..... nice!!

Is there anything I can take as a short term measure? i dont want to have to go down the route of going back on contraception again (will be 35 when we marry) as it took a while to regulate again

Any tips would be so good

thank you xxx


  • lilybabalilybaba Posts: 48
    dont know if i've replied a bit late but in response to you there is a pill you can get from the doc that can stop your period without affecting your fertility. i had this problem too as was due on on the day of my actual wedding, i now have another problem and have actually fallen pregnant! so will be 4 months on the day! much to my mums dissappointment
  • cathrcathr Posts: 77
    thanks sidders - never too late (pardon the pun!) will go to the doc and find out xxxxxxx

    All the very best for your forthcoming newbee though - am sure your mum will be thrilled (i guess you wont show too much at 4 mnths??) xx
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