So happy but a little scared now!!

I have just taken a home pregnancy test and it turns out to be positive. I am at least three weeks and cant believe its happened after me thinking it wont happen. I am so happy and have wanted this for a long time. I am going out for a meal tonight with my work colleagues tonight and I would love to tell them but need to go and see a doctor to confirm everything is ok. I have done a clearblue digital test how accurate are these ones? Has anybody tried them? Also how soon should I see a doctor?

I cannot wait to tell my husband later tonight. Lizzi:\?:\) xx


  • i was told that the clear blue digi one is the best on the market. dont know how true that is though.


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    They are pretty accurate, but early pregnancy is risky so usually people dont tell until you have a scan at 12 weeks. Doctors wont confirm anything, they can do their own test, but its usually a cheepy nhs one which wont be as good as the CB test. I told my immediate family when we found out as i knew if anything went wrong i would need them and they would be sensitive. I would think about how your friends might react if you did miscarry, before you tell them.

    Congratulations, rest up well and take things easy. Enjoy telling people if you do decide to.

    Em x

  • i know how you feel i found out after about 2 days after my period was due and didnt tell a soul, i was burstin inside i knew i couldnt wait to 12 weeks so at 6 weeks and 6 days (after I had the dr) i have pretty much shouted it from the roof tops. good luck hunni I am sure you will be fine, xxx
  • apparently it V unlikely for it to say pregnant if your not so congrats!!!! Its usually only inaccurate the other way around, can tell you that you are not pregnant when you are but thats because it cannot detect enough of the hormone so if you got a positive result then you are approx 99% pregnant!!! Congrats x
  • Congrats of your BFP image
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    Congratulations! Rare for a false positive so relax, take it easy and get booked in for your first midwife appt.

    Good luck
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