i think i am pregnant


I get married two weeks this saturday..we knew that we would want to stare trying for a baby almost straight away, so having been on the pill since I was 16 I came off it 5 months ago. Have not had a period this month and test yesterday came back positive. Going to docs on thursday to have this confirmed. I am so excited but we dont want to tell anyone till after thursday. I know my whole family will be so excited as I have three younger sisters who cant wait to be aunties.


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    Are you going to announce te news at the wedding or wait til yu're futher along?
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    HI Ailsa

    That is fab news - congratulations!

    One word warning - when I went to my docs I was expecting them to do a test to confirm it (even though I had done 2 at home) but they didnt they just asked how many I had done and sent me off on my way! I was a little disappointed I must say I, like you was waiting to go to the docs to have it 'confirmed!!'

    Congrats again!
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    I was exactly the same I am about 6 weeks pregnant and when I went to the doctors I was expecting them to get me to do a test and send to the hospital but they just took my word for it after I had told them how many tests I had done. I was really disappointed!!!!

    Congrats to you ailsa1984!!
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    Doctor this morning told me to hand a urine sample in today and the results will be back at ny appointment thursday. I dont think I willbe able to keep it quiet until after the wedding so will probably tell people. I am going on honeymoon to egypt the day after the wedding
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    I would check your travel insurance and get some doctors advice about traveling abroad ~(flying) in early pregnancy. There is some exposure to radiation when you fly which isnt good for the baby, especially early on. Most websites say its ok, but no risk is better than some! My mum works in oncology and said that she wouldnt risk flying in early pregnancy.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy and have a wonderful wedding!

    Em x

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    Hi ailsa1984

    congratulations on your news,how exciting!!!

    one more thing.... off subject but you're on the list for the lucky sixpence after me.

    I will be receiving it soon for mine on 6th june then i'll be sending it on to you!!

    can you send me an email with your address?

    i'll activate my email button for you!
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    Hi my email adress is [email protected] Do u know who is after me on the list I cant seem to find the thread now.
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    hiya.... did try to copy and paste from the thread but it wouldn't work!

    if you go to wedding budget the thread is on page 2 lucky lucky sixpence,the full list is on the last page

    i'll email you then send me your home address?
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