Eyes playing tricks with me? UPDATE

Me and h2b have been ttc since christmas with no luck. I did a clear blue test this afternoon and I'm sure I saw a very faint blue line. I asked h2b and he said he thinks he could see something but wasn't sure. I don't know whether I'm imagining it because I want it so bad. I only did a test because I've been feeling dizzy, tired, sick and been having a thick clear discharge (tmi). I've also gone completely off alcohol. I usually love a glass of wine but not anymore. It's probably just my imagination though.

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  • LJSuk1LJSuk1 Posts: 673
    ohh fingers crossed MrsMain2b xxx
  • lozza83lozza83 Posts: 3,777
    could well be mrsmain2b!! my friend had such a faint line that we spent a whole afternoon looking at it wondering if anything was there or if we were going mad. Sure enough she was expecting, its not always a clear line like you'd think! fingers crossed for you!! xx
  • vickyjane86vickyjane86 Posts: 488
    I'm going to do another one at the end of the week. Might get a digital one at least then it tells you straight lol x
  • jennyuk3jennyuk3 Posts: 205
    oh fingers crossed for you, The first test I did was really faint and I was pregnant. Hope its the same for you x
  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Give it a couple of days and do a clearblue digital! Theyre expensive but they say it as it is! Either Pregnant or Not pregnant!

    Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP for you!

  • vickyjane86vickyjane86 Posts: 488
    Hey girls. Well I did a first response test and got a BPN so guess it was just my eyes. Just gotta wait for AF now. Maybe next month. image
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