Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests

Hi ladies

Anyone used this test? What are the 'success rates' like? A friend of mine used it and fell pregnant after using it and they now have a lovely 9month old.

Anyone else got experience? x


  • vlvcvlvc Posts: 73
    I used it on month 3 of ttc and fell pregnant straight away. It just helps to know that you're doing the deed on the right days, no chance of missing them.
  • MarriedNow123MarriedNow123 Posts: 602
    Oh thats great, good to know it actually works then!

    Was the 7 pack enough for you? I worry i dont know when to start using it and will run out of sticks before i get my smiley face! x
  • MarriedNow123MarriedNow123 Posts: 602
    Anyone else had experience of this test?

    J2B i think you would just use the one pack and if you don't get your smiley face but are keen to know when you're ovulating you'd just have to go and buy another new test!

    Not really sure though x
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