When would you get sore boobs/other signs if you were pregnant? a few days after a few weeks after?

Please help!



  • BigBurdukBigBurduk Posts: 74
    I'd love to know too.

    Ive got really sore boobs today but trying not to get too excited incase its just the period from hell coming.
  • jennyhoarejennyhoare Posts: 62
    Thanks MrsP!

    Im the same as you bigburd! but don't want to get my hopes up. xx
  • jimmysmumjimmysmum Posts: 622
    I've got the lot - sore boobs, weeing loads, bleeding gums - im 2 days late and still no BFP - I've only ever felt like this once before and thats when i was preg with my first! Good luck to all xx
  • cath77ukcath77uk Posts: 260
    I got my BFP yesterday (yay!! I'm so excited!) and don't have any symptoms at all! xx
  • whats a bfp?

  • jimmysmumjimmysmum Posts: 622
    big fat positive x
  • jennyhoarejennyhoare Posts: 62
    Thanks girls. Since you mentioned the whole peeing alot. Now i come to think of it, i have been to the loo loads today! When can a bfp show up on a test?

    ta xx
  • cath77ukcath77uk Posts: 260
    Up to four days before your period is due I think, if you get one of the 'sensitive' ones xx
  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,077
    I got sore boobs about a week after my bfp, but period cramps ish a few days before and after! I felt bloated and just a bit odd! Get clear blue test, they are worth every penny!!

    Good luck

    Em x

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