any docs out there? on the pill...could i be pregnant


I appologize in advance if i give too much infor!

I have been on the pill for nearly 6 years, mycrogynon for the majority, and changed to carazette about 9 months ago(in order to control mirgaines).

I have had no problems with carazette, and its been wonderful at reducing the migraines...and a positive is that i have had no periods at all, although this does have its down side as a missed epriod is obv i big sign onf i obv wont have.

however, about three weeks ago i did i have a migraine, which casued me the vomit. my partner and i usually use condoms but on occasions we dont...a few days after my mirgaine we didnt use a condom.

a had a tiny bit of spotting about 2 weeks ago...very veyr very small amoount, i didnt think much of it at all...until now.

I aslo had what i thought was a very bad cold about two weeks ago...but i didnt know where i caught, and it doesnt seem ive passed it on to anyone....usually my partner will have it before or after me..ive heard that cold/flu like symptoms can be a sign of this true.

last week and half the sides of my boobs have been really tender to touch, almost as though they are bruised, and my nipples are itchy or irritated by my bra.

been very restless during the night, very hot and sweaty...not like me at all...i usually love to snuggle up with the duvet....i blamed this on the weather.

also been getting cramp in my legs and feet which i dont usually get.

been doing some work in the garden,some times when i bent down i felt very dizzy, as though i was going to be sick. again i blamed that on the nice weather...maybe i was too hot?

and yesterday i felt a fluttering sensation low in my belly..on the left, in between my bellly buttom and my bikini line...although this may just be gas/bowel didnt feel like that.

today my belly aches...very dull ache...but was uncomfortable to sleep on my front last night.

i am so broody...and would love a baby...but it couldnt come at a worse time, im just starting a new job which im tied in to for two years.i want to keep the job...but if i am preganat i would not want to get rid of the baby.

so confused right now!


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    i'm not a doctor, but the only way to know for sure is to test. if the vomitting resulted in ovulation you would be well into the time frame when a pregnancy test would be accurate. best of luck x
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    I got pregnant on the pill...was ill for a few weeks, being sick etc and the pill just didnt work.... I will agree and say def do a test hun just to confirm...

    Good luck x
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    Hiya, just replied to your thread about feeling baby bump!!

    Like I said on there, I dont think you'll be able to put your mind at rest until you have done a test - I know you said your partner is bringing one home on way back from work so thats good!

    All of the symptoms you are describing, yes, could well be pregnancy, but could also be a wide range of other things.

    If you have fallen pregnant due to when you were sick, and your pill may not have been effective, you would be around 4 - 5 weeks pregnant now.

    As for the fluttering feelings you got, these could be early movements, but that would mean you are ALOT further on than 4 - 5 weeks!! For a first pregnancy (sorry you didnt say if you have any other children or not), you wouldnt feel the first movements until at least 18 weeks or so, and some women dont feel first movements until as late as 24 weeks with their first. But you are right, bowel movements can also feel the same as these early movements.

    I guess what I am trying to say is you wont really have an answer until you do a test. If all of these are pregnancy symptoms, then it would show on a test by now.

    Good luck and hope you get the result you want!! xxxx
  • cheers girls...only one thing for it...pee on a stick!

  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002

    Have you tested yet? xxxxx
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