help me!

hi there everyone! i'll keep it simple. anyone else been or going to be 4 months pregnant on their wedding day!:\?


  • hey hun, im16 weeks now and getting married next sat, when is your wedding day xx
  • lilybabalilybaba Posts: 48
    sorry for late reply! i get married on the 12th of september. what have you done about your dress? had you already had it measured before you were preg? x
  • i ordered the dress before i knew i was pg, when i went back and had my fitting it wouldnt do up lol so the shop have let the sides out, and now it fits perfectly, fingers crossed i dont get any bigger in the next 9 days xx
  • lilybabalilybaba Posts: 48
    is it your first baby? its my second. am just so worried about it, have contacted dress shop to tell them, they getting back to me today to give me options. wouldn't be that bad but my mum has hit the roof! i do understand as she has paid for the dress but she making me feel awful im 25 for goodness sake ha ha x
  • its my first so i had no idea how big i would be by the wedding day and after paying £1100 for my dress i was a little worried it wasnt going to fit, but the lady at the shop was sure they could do something with it. im sure your be fine and if not monsoon do gorgeous dresses for £200 lol xx
  • lilybabalilybaba Posts: 48
    hmmm well we'll see! i didnt show with the first for ages so can only hope i'll be the same this time! my dress was also that price, alot of money if wasted!!! x
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