early baby bump...feeling uterus?

how early can you first see a bump? does it start lower down and work up(if so how low does it start)...or just outwards?

can you feel the uterus?how?what does it feel like?

im not 100% sure im preganagt yet as havent done a test.

but from research online i could be nearly 12 weeks by the sound of some of my symptoms.

my whole abdomen has become harder recently, feels like ive been toning those muscels(but i havent), but i still have quite a bit of flab on top.(in approx size 10-12, and short.)


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    OMG you deffo need to do a test if you think you could be that far on!! What are you waiting for girl?

  • im on the mini pill so dont have periods...so havent had one to miss...only just put two and two together that those sympotoms(mild), maybe be cos im preganant.

    OH picking up a test on his way home from work tonight!
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    Hi hun,

    I think first things first, you need to do a test.

    Anything before 12 weeks pregnant you wont be able to feel the uterus. The only exceptions to this are if you are pregnant with more than one baby, or sometimes if it is not your first pegnancy.

    But in general, the uterus stays tucked well down beneath th pubic bone until after 12 weeks. After this stage, you would be able to feel (and sometimes see), a very small bump but it would not be covering the whole of your abdomen.

    I'd do a test as soon as you can to be sure one way or the other xxx
  • so say i was 12 weeks or more....the small bump, were abouts would it be, just below my belly bottom? would it feel harder than the surrounding?

    sorry if i am asking stupid questions...i really have no idea about what to expecct and when

    bet im not even pregnant...cant wait to do to test to find out for sure
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    If you were above 12 weeks, the bump would literally be a cm or two above your pubic bone, still very low down. This then grows higher at a rate of around 1cm a week, so if a bump is just below your belly button, you could ba as far as 20 weeks!! Its very hard to describe but it feels almost like a ball, it doesnt stretch over the whole of your abdomen. Many women think they can feel their uterus but in fact it is bowel, its tricky to pinpoint things down there!! xxx
  • im probably searching in hope

    maybe its its just wishful thinking
  • thanks. just to reply to your question on the other topic.-no this would be my first pregnancy...hence why im so clueles...i sound like a child...i have no idea.lol.

    well i cant feel a ball...

    thank though for the help
  • would i really have those symptoms as early as 4-5 weeks?

    i guess if i cant feel it i must be less than 12wks....what symptoms would you get?
  • I am 7 weeks and had my midwife appt she called through the gp as you can already feel my uterus and see a baby bump. they checked to see iwasnt any further on by doing an early internal ultrasound and said they can see one baby at 6 weeks and 4 days at that time, and either I had alot of fluid or it was just sitting higher up or there is a second baby there. I gotta wait till i'm 12 weeeks to get a scan to find out! taking bloods to check hcg levels for twins too! but by the time my results get back It'll prob be time for my scan. sotake your test and find out if ur pregnant! Good luck, and let us know!!!
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    Yes, many women do have symptoms very early, which in alot of cases prompts them to do a test before they have even missed a period!

    And all the symptoms you describe can be early pregnancy symptoms, so I'd just wait and see.

    I really do hope you get the result you want hun xxxx
  • Did you take a test yesterday when you got home? The suspense is killing me!!! lol
  • yes i did...did one last night and one first thing this morning...both negative. Which is probably the best result! we werent trying to get preganant, and if i was it would have been very inconvient(just graduating this year, and have an amazing job starting in sep...and oh going to uni too.) (which probably explains the symptons...i guessing its stress! currently sitting my finals!)

    however, that all said, i was kinda excited by the idea when i thought i was pregnant...so i am sort of disappointed too, OH does not know this, but i did shead a tear. i think it wont be that many years until we do strat trying...i would love to start a family in the near future...just need have a more stable lifestyle in which to bring up children.

    but like i said its prob for the best really.

    Thanks ladies for all your support and help.....no wondering i couldnt feel a "ball" of my uterus...kinda embarrassing now that i realise i must have been feeling my bowel....hahaha.

    good luck with all you ladies TTC, and with all your preganancies, hoping all the mummys, and babies are all healthy...and daddys too!
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    Aaw hun been checking back today to see what the result was.

    I know you probably feel a bit disappointed right now, but at least you are thinking about in sensibly, with regards to being a bit more stable before a baby makes an appearance.

    It will happen for you soon enough, but in the meantime enjoy your new job, good luck with your finals and with uni.

    No need to feel embarrassed, so many pregnancy symptoms are the same as symtoms for other things, you're not the first person to think you were preg and you certainly wont be the last.

    Best wishes to you xxxxxxx
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