maternity pay - confused!

Hi all I'm after some advice if possible. Me and my husband have decided that we want to try for a baby pretty soon, but me been the sensible one have told husband that unless we have enough money saved up in the bank to subsidise my wage while on maternity then we shouldn't start to try yet. So now we are trying to work out how much that would be. I know that I would get 2 months full pay at work as that is in their maternity policy, then after that is it statutory maternity pay for 7 months which is think about £123 a week so just under £500 for the month, which is a lot less than my monthly wage now! Is that everything or is there anything else you are entitled to? Also if I wanted to have 12 months off would the last 3 months be totally unpaid??

Sorry for all the questions but I am totally lost when it comes to this subject also don't really want to ask anybody at work as I don't really want anybody to know I am thinking of trying just yet


  • HollysmumHollysmum Posts: 313
    Hey happywife. The rules for matty pay are confusing & they keep changing them which doesnt help. If you take the last 3 months off then this would be unpaid. Some of the rules are determined by how long you have been in your present employment.
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    Happywife you are spot on with your thoughts on maternity pay!!

    1-8wks = full pay

    9-26wks = half pay + statutory pay = £123.11 pr wk

    27-39wks = statutory pay only

    40- 52wks = unpaid

    i myslef have just looked into this today to put my hubby2b's mind at rest in terms of financial security!!

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    Hi everywhere is different we are:

    1-13wks full pay

    13wks-39 ks statutory pay only

    40-52 nothing

    All in all not that great! We dont get any half pay although I know a lot of peoples are a lot worse than that and I shouldnt really complain but still!
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    Sorry, don't have time to give a proper reply but I wanted to reference this website which you may find helpful as it's got all the latest mat pay info: _10029290
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    As you have all said maternity pay is all different depending on who you work for. I get

    6 weeks 90% of wgaes

    remaining 6 months on stat mat pay which is £123 but you get taxed on that as well!!

    Never mind - it'll all be worth it.

    I think you could be entitled to things like tax credits depending on partners salary.......

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    Hi thanks for all your replies it looks like my best option is to get hold of the companies maternity policy and see what they are actually offereing for difinite. I had a look on our staff web page today but its the only poilcy that isn't on there typical!! I just really didn't want to ask anybody in HR as i work for the CE in charge of the Personnel Department and I know that it will get back to my boss that I have asekd for it nothing is secret here!!
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    I think your best route would be to take your contract of employment, your employer's maternity policy, and go your citizen's advice bureau where they will be able to advise you on your contractual rights (that are personal to you depending on the terms of your contract), as well as your statutory rights that every employee is entitled to. They would also be able to advise as to the level of paternity pay your husband is entitiled to when the baby comes. Oh, and it's free to ask them! Good luck... x

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    Don't forget you'd also get Child Benefit at about £20 a week, you're likely to be entitled to Child Tax Credits too, plus you get a one off payment of £190 in pregnancy. It's supposed to be for Health in Pregnancy but you could always put it aside to subsidise your Maternity Pay xx
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