so poorly

MrsP! wish i could offer some magical advice to help. best thing is what you are doing, seeking help and keeping hydrated.

i hope that the docs can help you.



  • MrsStay2bMrsStay2b Posts: 502
    Clair, Didn't want to read and run, You've been suffering so much with nausea, feel for ya. Can't offer any advice but hope the docs can help. As for nutrition for baby, baby will get nutrition from the smallest amount so don't worry too much, they just rob it from you!!

    Fingers crossed for help at docs


    ps think of your baby, will make it all worthwhile!!
  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,077
    ditto Mrsstay2b, this is what fat reserves are for!! You baby will take what it needs no problem, There are some people who are sick for weeks and baby is still fine. Keep hydrated, and when you think of feood think in terms of cream crackers/rich tea biscuits/ginger nuts, plain plain plain.

    Hope you feel better soon, and it IS worth it!

    Em x

  • ShewardSheward Posts: 395
    Hi Clair ~ Sorry to hear your still so unwell - let us know what the docs say honey xxxxxxxx
  • MrsStay2bMrsStay2b Posts: 502
    Did the rich tea stay down? Hope you got on ok at the docs?

  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    Oh honey, I do feel for you - it's the worst feeling in the world and you're right, it IS depressing.

    You may not want to hear this, but if you haven't kept anything down for 3 days you may have to be admitted to hospital to go on a drip. The doctor should test your urine for ketones and if they are present you may have to go in. This is what happened to me when I was 13 weeks pregnant, and it's actually fairly common. Didn't enjoy being in hospital for 2 nights but it made me feel sooooo much better.

    Hopefully you can avoid this - the fact that you've been having ice pops is brilliant - I couldn't even keep down a drop of water - so you may just be given some anti sickness medication.

    Also, make sure you take all the time off you need from work - don't feel guilty - you and your baby are far more important.

    Let us know how you get on at docs xx

    p.s. and remember it is ALL worth it for a beautiful baby at the end of it! xx
  • BroodyBootsBroodyBoots Posts: 961
    MrsP! how did the docs go? can they do anything to help? x
  • designateddesignated Posts: 92
    MrsP! I completely sympathise. I've just got back from the doctors who has prescribed me Cyclizine, an anti sickness tablet. I've been sick every morning for 2 weeks but yesterday stopped being able to keep food or water down. GP has signed me off work for 1 week too. I was worried about taking tablets but was warned that I could end up getting more sick

    Good luck
  • cath77ukcath77uk Posts: 260
    Might sound odd but what about jelly babies?? They were the only thing my friend could hold down in her first few weeks!

    Hope you feel better soon xx
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