When to do a preg test?


I have a question, how long do you wait defore doing a preg test?

I'm only 2 days late but it's already driving me mad!!

I know some times if to test early on it can come back BFN because the hormone isn't strong enough.

Also is the test (forgot name) that suppose to tell you if your preggers before AF's due any good?

Any advice would be great,

C Xx


  • lilybabalilybaba Posts: 48
    hello! well i tried one of the first response ones and got three neg, that was before i was due on. i then waited and did a test on the day i was due and got positive. if your two days late i'd go ahead and do one. the tesco's own one's work just as good and they only about 4 pound for two! x
  • clarissacakeclarissacake Posts: 368
    Thank you very much for your replies might have to pop to the shops on the way home from work.

    It's the waiting thats killing me!

    C Xx
  • lilybabalilybaba Posts: 48
    you wont have to wait much longer! good luck hun, wish u all the best x
  • joyc6563joyc6563 Posts: 172
    Sorry to jump in on your thread, I am also two days late - but this is my first month off the pill, should I wait a lot longer before doing a test or could it be a sign. I know when you come off the pill it can take an age for your cycle to get back to normal and I am now on day 31....what do you think?

    Is it just wishful thinking on my part, we have been careful this month as wanted to wait another month but hey I am happy to find a BFP

  • clarissacakeclarissacake Posts: 368
    Hi Miss hall, if you're anything like me and can't wait do a test at least then you'll know either way. but I know when I came off the pill many years ago it took 3/4 months to get back to normal.

    Anyway, I got a test CBD last night on the way home and I also got a BFP!!!!!!!!!! waiting to phone doc's now.Both me and DH don't think it's sunk in yet!!!!!

    C Xxx
  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Congratulations on your wondeful news! Wishing you a h&h 9 months! xxx
  • jennyhoarejennyhoare Posts: 62
    Congratulations clarissacake!!

    Just wondering did you have any symptons at all before you did the test? Thanks x
  • clarissacakeclarissacake Posts: 368

    I didn't really have any symptons except sore boobs which I don't normally get with AF.

    I'm off to the Doc's with DH tomorrow,it still doesn't seem real. I had to do another test last night just to try and convince myself it was true!!!


    C Xx
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