I'm Expecting

I came off the pill last month and at the weekend found out I'm pregnant.

I've been to the doctors and they are referring me to the midwife.

My husband and I now feel strange and we're not sure what to do. I just wish the midwife would be in touch and tell me everything is okay.

I'm getting period like pains - which I know are normal but I keep panicing that my period id going to come.

I'm sure you all feel the same, excited but not sure how to feel whilst waiting?



  • Stacey2017Stacey2017 Posts: 420
    Hi I'm Mrs M

    Congrats on your BFP image

    Its is weird when you first find out your expecting. We were exactly the same. We found out when I was 6wks & im 17wks (today) & still cant believe its happening. Ive just started feeling the first little flutters of Junior kicking/punching which is good image

    Just so you dont worry the period like pains are very normal, as long as there isnt any blood or the arent severe pains then they are nothing to worry about. Its just your body adjusting to your little bean being there. I still have them now & will do untill I give birth as when Junior grows everthing inside has to move etc as well. If you are worried though speak to your doctor or you midwife if the doc gave you her name/number.

    Also you prob wont hear/see your midwife untill you are about 10-12wks when she will come out to see you & let you know when your scan is.

    I hope you have a happy & healthy pregnancy

    Stacey image

  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,077
    Ditto from Stacey, I was knicker checking every 5 mins as i was sure AF was coming! Take things easy, eat well, get on the folic acid asap, drink loads of water, and rest rest rest. Do you know how far along you are? Probably about 4 weeks if you are regular. Enjoy this time before the symptoms set in. Maybe buy a baby book so you know what to expect...

    Em x

    Congratulations! Please send baby dust this way! I'm sure everything will be fine, just try and relax and stay healthy. x
  • hayleyjoneshayleyjones Posts: 88
    Thank you for your replies.

    I just can't believe how quick it happened for us - we're very lucky!

    My last period was 18th April so the doc said i'll be 6 weeks this saturday. Due around 23rd Jan - all being well.

    I've ordered a baby book so hopefully it'll arrive today and put our minds at ease.

    I just want to tell everyone now but we've decided to wait for the the first scan. Is that what you all did? x
  • ashbrideashbride Posts: 377
    I told everyone as soon as I found out, not that you could hide it I had terrible morning sickness all day long, I found out when I was 6 weeks and went to the hospital for a routine check at 8 weekes where they give you a bounty book work out your dates and book you in for your 1st scan, when the first scan came I started crying when my little bean was on the screen, I didnt expect to but its such a strange feeling, you get the odd stomach ache, heartburn etc dont worry unless you bleed. I am sure evrything will go perfectly and congratulations it is the most special thing ever, Its my daughters 1st birthday tuesday and I can believe how quick it has gone, only felt like the other day I was rubbing my bump.

  • MsBrushMsBrush Posts: 163
    Hi I'm Mrs M,

    I'm in exactly the same position as you - came off the pill in April, with the intention of actively TTC after our wedding in November. Only fate has got in the way a bit, and it seems I've fallen pregnant right away. I found out on Wednesday and my rough estimates tell me I'mdue around 19th Jan - which means I'll be 30 weeks gone by the time of the wedding!

    Still in a total daze - I don't have any symptoms whatsoever, so I've booked in for a private viability and early dating scan next week, just to a) find out when I'm due as I genuinely dont' know and b) make sure everything's okay.

    It probably sounds a bit over the top, but I'd like a firmer grip on dates etc before we start having to work out what to do about my dress and our honeymoon!

    Anyway, congratulations and here's to two gorgeous babies arriving in January. image

  • meadowbrook2meadowbrook2 Posts: 363
    Congratulations Mrs M x
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