Is it too soon?

I know I am being silly really and am probably not!

I am waiting on my first AF since coming off the pill and am now on day 31....usually I am like clockwork and I know it can take a while for it to come and my body adjust again... we have been really careful this month (apart from once! at the start) to make sure I wait for my first AF to come.

Could I be? how long did other people have to wait. I know I am probably not and the more I think about it will probably delay it more.

thanks all....xx


  • MrsDoc2009MrsDoc2009 Posts: 157
    I had to wait 25 days and even then it was only very light bleeding for a couple of days...... still waiting for a proper AF......
  • raspberry_kittyraspberry_kitty Posts: 1,765
    you were only regular before due to being on the pill as your "period" would have only been withdrawal bleeding. Give yourself some time to adjust to going au natural!

  • MrsDMHall2bMrsDMHall2b Posts: 11
    Took ages for my first period to come after I stopped taking the pill. Honestly, about 3 months.

    Stop worrying about it, it shall arrive!
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