Far too broody

We are getting married in october, and I am absolutely desperate to have a baby, as is h2b. I don't want to be pregnant for my wedding. Have come off the pill as this is my 4th pill (different types) and it just did not agree with me. We are being careful, but does anyone have any suggestions of how I can take my mind off wanting a baby desperately!!??? I thought planning a wedding and moving house would be enough...but obviously not!


  • aconnonaconnon Posts: 179
    Im the same and not getting married until july 2010. Everyone at work is dropping babies like mad, 8 babies in the last 18 months! its crazy. We want to get our house up to scratch and pay off a few debts first so not planning to concieve until about a year after wedding! good job iv got a coil in there and have to have a procedure to take it out or else il be attacking h2b to fertilize me lol
  • pamtrumppamtrump Posts: 329
    hahahaha polly9!! I know the feeling!! So desperate for babies!!
  • hottieuk1hottieuk1 Posts: 355
    I came off the pill mid march for the silliest reason! It was giving me really bad spots and Iwas desparate to get it sorted for the wedding lol! We figured that if I did get pregnant it would be ok as my dress etc should still fit although we're not actively trying...just not using anything if that makes sense?! I'd love it if I did get pregnant though as I can't wait to start a family. We tried for a full 9 months a while back but had to postpone it as the wedding was getting closer and I didn't want to waddle up the aisle or have a newborn. hehe

    Were in NI are you from cant wait to be mrsc i live just outside belfast!

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    I live in dromara at the minute, but am from bangor! moving back there in a few weeks! where u from hottie? Yaye an bride! when and where are yougetting married if you dont mind me asking?
  • hottieuk1hottieuk1 Posts: 355
    Getting married in August and the reception is in corrs corner. I live in Carrickfergus. Where are you getting married? Is it your avatar pic?
  • pamtrumppamtrump Posts: 329
    aw fabulous! We're getting married on 24th October and reception is Slieve Donard in Newcastle - yeah its my avatar pic!

    You all set for the wedding? I can't wait! Just cannot wait to start ttc!
  • hottieuk1hottieuk1 Posts: 355
    Its lovely i had a drink in there once lol!! Yeah everythings sorted ( i think lol) where are you going on honeymoon? we're for Vegas...think i'm looking forward to that more than the wedding day! I'm gonna be so stressed out on the wedding day worrying that everything will go wrong/be late/not turn up/not work/etc! Aaaarrrggghhhh its getting so close that i' think i'm just starting to panic.

    As for ttc i think that i have it in my head that it'll take a while for us seeing as we tried for 9 months in the past. If i did get pregnant it would be a shock even though we're not using contraception...a welcome shock though!
  • pamtrumppamtrump Posts: 329
    i know how you feel hottie!! Panic does hit me every now and again! And i dread to think what ill be like on the day! AHHHHHHHHHH!! Getting all excited thinking about it! We're heading to the dominican republic for our honeymoon. Im more excited about that too! How long ru away for? We're heading away for 2 weeks! Would have loved to have gone for longer, but I am self employed and can't really afford any more time off work!! Unfortunately!

    All your plans sorted then? Getting really close now! I have another 147 days to go!!! feels like a lifetime!
  • SaripopSaripop Posts: 215
    I'm in a similar position to you ladies, getting married in Dec, but can't wait!! I came off the pill in Sept because I wanted to see what my cycles were like, and I've been charting them because they are a bit irregular. But what I'm doing to make me feel like I'm getting ready for ttc is taking wellwoman vitamins, which have folic acid and evening primrose. You can start taking folic acid really early, there was a study saying that women who took it up to a year before getting pg had much lower miscarriage rates. And evening primrose helps to regulate your cycles.

    We're going to start trying on our wedding night, but that can't come soon enough!!

  • pamtrumppamtrump Posts: 329
    thats fab advice saripop! will definitely start doing that! And your right...my wedding night can't come soon enough! Good luck with it all! image x
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