would I be mad to start ttc being self employed??


I'm getting married in August and would really love to start ttc straight after. I'll be 34 and have been on the pill for about 14 years so I'm very aware that it could take a while and I'm not getting any younger.

The problem is, I'm self employed as I have my own shop. I'm worried cos I won't be entitled to maternity leave/help. I don't think it would be possible to work in the shop 6 days a week heavily pregnant or afterwards with a young baby. I think I'll be able to get a bit of help with childcare but I'd really like to spend the beginning at home with the baby and then work part time. Unfortunately sales are down due to the recession and I'm unable to afford to pay somebody to work in the shop. I just can't see a way.

I know I need to go to the cab to find out, but in the meantime does anybody have any ideas? Is there any way to get help for the shop? Is anybody else self employed?



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  • ladyblueukladyblueuk Posts: 1,227

    i'm self employed and due in august and you will be eligable for maternity allowance- its about £400 a month so better than nothing.

    i'm not sure about the shop though can you cut your hours down and employ someone part time?

    Anna x
  • anouska-banouska-b Posts: 91
    Thanks Anna. Yay that gives me some hope. Yes £400 a month is a great help image I could put that towards paying somebody to work in the shop.

    Congrats by the way!

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    I am also self employed! It sucks in some ways, but is fab in others. I am a teacher, so am off during the summer anyway..i was thinking if i could get pregnant so that I have the baby at the beginning of the summer I wouldn't need to take so much time off work..but to be honest, that would be living in an ideal world..and we all know that it is far from it!! hehe!!

    Do you have friends and family that could do small shifts for you for the first wee while? i know you wouldnt be paying them but i know i would certainly do what i could for a friend. Worth a try I guess?! Good luck! x
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    Hi cantwaittobemrsc,

    wow that would be so great if you have your baby at the begininning of your summer holiday! You never know it could work out that way image

    Yes I could hopefully get help from friends and family. And when I get a routine going maybe even go into work with the baby. My mum has been a childminder all my life until very recently, but now she's going out to work. How selfish of her haha!

    Good luck yourself too - with the timing...X
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