When to start taking Folic acid?!

Hi girls!!

When do you all advise when you should start taking folic acid, just when you start trying to conceive or in the months before you start to try?! And can anyone recommend any particular brand - I've seen some you can get which are just folic acid or you can get multivitamins with folic acid??

Thanks! xx:\?


  • kelly1234ukkelly1234uk Posts: 93
    hi there

    i satrted using them the minute i decided to have a baby, when i fell pregantand doctor told me start taking them i told him i was since i strated trying to concieve he was pleased,,,not to sure about what ones i just used folic acid ones xx good luck xx
  • joyc6563joyc6563 Posts: 172
    it is recommended to start three months before and for three months into pregnancy I believe

  • SaripopSaripop Posts: 215
    I've read a study saying that you can even start a year before and it has benefits in terms of lowering miscarriage rates. I'm taking wellwoman multi-vitamins which has some folic acid in it, but I'm not ttc at the mo. The wellwoman also has evening primrose which helps with your cycles. I'm only starting ttc in December so I'm getting ready now!!
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