Is it normal to be scared?

Hi everyone

I got my bfp earlier this week after trying for six months' - yay! :\)

I am over the moon and really excited...but also terrified! Mainly about my little bean not being a sticky one, but also things like - what if I can't breastfeed? What if it changes things between me and my hubby? What if we can't afford decent childcare...the list goes on and on!

Has anyone else felt like this?

Please can someone reassure me that this is normal and I'm not going mad??



  • I would get used to the feeling cause it never goes away!!!lol Once you get over one hurdle then you ve got another one to face. I think they call it being a mum!! Its all worth it though. xx
  • ChangieChangie Posts: 96
    Hi Cath,

    I agree with shepherdyvonne. You should get used to it. If you think you are going mad then I think I've gone mad! LOL I worry about so many things. Seems like there are new problems to think about everyday! Try to relax. I'll be 12weeks tomorrow and I'm dying to tell people but I'm so worried if something happened to the baby in the last couple of days and I didn't notice it!

    I can assure you it's normal. image

    Congratulations and I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!


  • lilybabalilybaba Posts: 48
    hi cath77, its perfectly normal to be feeling like that after all it a life changing event! you relly should't worry to as everything as soon as nipper is here will fall into place and suddenly when you have children the impossible is possible! its a strain on the best of relationships but together you will get through it, just enjoy being pregnant and don't worry about the 'what if's' cause its just not worth the stress, besides once you see your baba nothing in the world will matter except your baby. you'll be fine xxx
  • cath77ukcath77uk Posts: 260
    Ah, thanks everyone, you have made me feel a bit better! image

    I am a worrier at the best of times so this has sent me into overdrive! I guess I'd better get used to

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