Am I imagining it?

I am 15+5 today, and I swear when I put my hand to my tummy sometimes I can feel little one move!

I cant feel it move without having my hand on my bump, and I know this is normal. But all my books say you can feel baby move from 16 weeks and thats mainly in 2nd pregnancy not 1st like mine is!

H2b has felt it too as I felt like I was going crazy but my question is could this be little one moving or something else?


  • sugarsugaruksugarsugaruk Posts: 300
    I felt my first baby moving at 16 weeks but not with my hand, only from the inside, I couldn't feel it with my hand until much later on. I'm not sure at 15/16 weeks that the baby would be able to make strong enough movements for you to feel them with your hand.

  • louisa25uklouisa25uk Posts: 422
    I only felt my LO move at 18 weeks, and even then it was only intermittent til it became more regular at 22 weeks. Are your dates spot on? Could you be further along than you think?? x
  • DylansmummyDylansmummy Posts: 209
    I had a scan at 10 weeks (we thought 8) which put me 9+6 thn at what should have been exactly 12 weeks which put me at 12+2 so I think my dates are about right.

    Its like a little fluttering feeling but I cant feel it unless I put my hand against my tummy and it isnt there all the time. I feel like im going crazy!
  • jones2bjones2b Posts: 199
    i felt my first baby move at 14 weeks, and with my hands by 16 weeks, so you may not be imagining it, everyone is different
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