ok so last night i had pains like period pains, so being 8 weeks and having recently had a miscarrige I freaked out i waited a few hours as there was no bleeding or spotting, i called the hospital to ask them what to do and they said if i was really concerned to come up so they gave me a scan.... and my baby is there!! It is sooo cute! But with h2b offshore i was gutted to have to do it alone!! They then said they couldnt get it printed off!! I was all emotional and teary ( i think it was the stress of susan loosing bgt ha ha) so the dr said i could take some snaps of the screen with my mobile!!! so i hope this link works but here is my little bump!


  • PurpleSpringPurpleSpring Posts: 2,897
    Aww hello baby!

    I can't wait to see mine! So happy you and baby are doing well xxx
  • i still get my 12 week scan in a month i am so excited to see the difference!!!
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