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Wowsa- That was quick!

LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
Hello ladies!

Im back once more to share the news that im pregnant! 2-3 weeks according to my handy digital test. 4 weeks if i go by my last period. Oh my God! That was a surprise!

We havent been actively trying for a baby but i decided to come off the pill in March after we got married last year just so i could let my body settle into its natural state after 10 years of being on it. I was comforted by the knowledge that most couples take a year to conceive and it 'takes a while for your body to flush out the contreceptive' blah blah and I was happy with that.... but then i said the fatal words 'ill do whatever God wants me to do'. 3 months later, and BAMMM, here we are- nausea, boobs like rocks, tummy cramps, tiredness and bloatedness. As well as my womans intuition that 'something is different this week'. Off we went to Asda. 20 minutes later. Parents to be. Insane.

During that time upon conceiving and finding out, i've pretty much done (unknowingly) everything a pregnant woman shouldnt do: Ooops. Get stressed. Get drunk. Lift heavy objects. Eat every type of bad food about twice including oysters, cappaccio and brie. Play fight. Use essential oils. Sat next to a smoker. Swear. So the thought has crossed my mind, like any mother, that i could be carrying a pickled egg by now but im not going to dwell on it. There is nothing i can do but behave from now on. Pregnancy is scary enough without the added stress of the past. Wherever i go to read about pregnancy its doom and gloom. Do this: you die. Eat this: you die. Sleep like this: you and fluffy puppies die. What happened to enjoying pregnancy and simply dealing with problems if they come up? Its GREAT to be informed and educated about whats going on but there is a point where everything becomes so terrifying and fragile that its just more stressful then any good. I hope you ladies are a bit more optimistic then my current confidents!! Otherwise i really shall go mad.

Baby will be due Mid March. Hubby is happy but in denial. He's one of these men that wont truely feel safe to feel happy about it until its born, walking, has a part time job and is asking for a loan so they can go to uni. Until then he doesnt want to 'count his chickens'. See above for pessimism comments and refusing to enjoy pregnancy because fluffy puppies will die. Fun. I think this whole fear will die down soon- especially after our 12 weeks and we've told everyone. When im walking around looking like a small 1 person boat it will be hard for him to try and pretend nothing is going on. And he is desperately broody. He'll crack soon enough and go buy baby booties. Haw haw.

Of course being the all round hindrance i am i have also freaked out about our local healthcare. Frankly i loath the place where we live and our local healthcare is just as bad. For example they STILL cant even get my name or address right so im assuming they WILL lose my child or sell it or something... im sure of it. We're property developers and have been living on one of our building sites for the moment, or as i like to call it, in the 'middle of effing hell' (not my own personal quote- but someones comment i overheard on what they thought of the place) and the idea of not only giving birth near here or indeed suffering a pregnancy here brings me out in stress boils and palpitations. I've recently visited a hospital where my sister-in-law gave birth and i was so traumatised i went home and cried- and i wasnt even pregnant! My main upset is that at home we dont even have a garden- its a building site. And the area where we live is an old decaying industrial town which is being regenerated. Lots of noise, dirt and ugliness. Oh and crime.. As a woman i cant even safely cross the road and walk the 5 minutes to the park. And i dont have a car atm so i couldnt even drive to a nicer place even if a wanted. And the buses are infrequent and only go to equally as rough places. In short, i've gone mental, desperately seeking some kind of private health care and even a new house BUT alas... there are no appropriate properties for sale and private maternity care is only available in London.

Im considering running away.

I work from home too as an artist so the idea that not only for the next 9 months am i going to be crawling up the walls of this ugly little hell-hole but im also going to have to stay here for the forseeable future and raise a child here. All i want is a tree. A TREE. Some green!!! And maybe some peace and quiet at night and not 14 year old boys drag racing their stolen mopeds up and down our road. Hubbys in denial. He thinks there is no reason we should move. His dad is right round the corner.... the luxury of his BMW Coupe makes everything easy-peasy accessible for him and frankly spending any more then 20p on a property would be wasteful....


Running away is very tempting. And then i wont have to deal with interfering relatives either. woohoo image

My only form of solace is my marmite jar which is staving off my not-so-morning-sickness-but-all-day-sickness. Otherwise i'd be kicking off every 5 minutes.


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  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518
    lol Mrs Lili your post made me chuckle!

    I was exactly the same, getting drunk etc etc

    I am now 15+2 and everything is mighty fine apart from looking the size of a baby elephant!!!

    Good luck with your pg and enjoy!!!

    Lisa xx
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    Aww! Thank you! At least you have a bump to show off image Us newbies are just hormonal wrecks ha ha ha image
  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    Hey Mrs Lili - thanks for your very informative post, feel like I know you now! Just wanted to ask about your symptoms, I found out I was pregnant on Friday after stopping the May in May (wahey!). My test said I conceived 2-3 weks ago too. I have not any any of the symptoms you describe apart from a couple of tummy cramps. You are scaring me - are you really feeling that bad??!
  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    Ooops - I mean stopping the "pill" in May!
  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    Ooops I meant "meant" - obviously going slightly doolally already!
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    Hi Stez24!! Congratulations!!

    Yeah last couple of days ive felt rubbish but it varies for everyone. For example i havent gone off certain foods, my sense of smell and taste are the same and im not being sick, i just feel sick. Some women get nothing. Some women get is worse. I only started feeling mine when my period was due, before then i was probably ignoring them as day-to-day niggles or wind.

    But marmite and paracetomol have got me through and today im feeling much better. A little dizzy and like i have a head cold without the sneezing but im getting on with my normal day to day activities now. Every now and then though i get struck with such sleepyness that i could fall asleep right where im standing, then the next moment im fine!


  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    Oh I have had a bit of sleepyness, been to bed for a couple of short naps last week. Just made an appointment at the doctors this week to confirm it all. How old are you if you dont mind me asking? I'm 33. x
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    Ive just turned 25 and hubby is 28 this year. image
  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    You are just a spring chicken then!!
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    I may be physically young but im an old fart in my head image
  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    Ha ha hubby is 38 - a right old giff!
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548

    Giff!! Love it!!

    May i ask, is this your first baby?
  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    It is indeed! Still cant really get my head around it, came off the pill in May thinking it would take months and months....hmmm... Already scared reading descriptions such as 'your waist will thicken' eeek.
  • Hi

    I just found out over the weekend that I'm about five weeks pregnant too, baby will be due early March. Don't worry Stez24 I don't have that many symptoms either, main one feeling really tired, a tender stomach and strange taste in my mouth. I ve checked in a book and it said that's normal.

    Good luck with your pregnancies x
  • OOOOH ladies,

    Congratulations xxx
  • tarabowdentarabowden Posts: 195

    Didn't want to read and run, particularly after such a brilliant piece of writing, your first post of this topic. So funny, witty, clever, whirlwind etc etc, you should keep a diary like this and then make it a book for mums to be!!

    Seriously, a talented writer,

    T xx
  • ibiduni4nanaibiduni4nana Posts: 1,405
    huge congrats!!!

    One piece of advice.. when it comes to you and h2b and this baby i.e. your new family, only do exactly that which you are comfortable to do. In time you'll see that EVERYONE has an opinion on you now and they make it exactly their place to tell you lol. In a few months, you'll get strangers in the street asking if 'you should be carrying those heavy bags'... you'll likely laugh and think awww that's sweet! Then before you know it, you'll be told how to give birth, how t hold your baby, how to feed your baby, what to feed your baby, how often to feed your baby--- the same goes for bathing, clothing, etc etc etc!

    I have a 15 month year old (nearly) and to God I wish someone had told me this when I 1st got pregnant. Ignore everyone! seriously! You would only do what you know to be right for your child... so don't worry so much about the accommodation factor.. it will sort itself out.. sometimes its easier to know exactly what you need once the baby has arrived. Many of the lovely ladies from my antenatals moved either just before or after baby birth..myself included. It will all be fine. The utmost important thing is that you stay sound in mind and body AND spirit.. that's all your beautiful baby needs for now.

    You're very right about the annoying scare stories about EVERYTHING under the sun! Again, apart from the obvious things, you just do as you please! Your body will tell you if it's not happy! And finally, enjoy EVERY moment of your pregnancy.. it's such a magical time. Your body will grow and change daily and soon you'll feel a PERSON living inside of you!!! Its so special and your h2b will know then it's real, when little one kicks him lol! I'm always so excited for pregnant women now... more excited that I was for myself. Now, my next project is this wedding...and the baby no2!!!! woo hoo!

    p.s. you'll get your tree hun!!!
  • MVenn_2_BMVenn_2_B Posts: 367
    Seriously, a talented writer

    i agree!...

    Congratulations MrsLili!

    Your funny! image i just laughed out loud at work and everyone in the office just looked at me - how can graphic design be funny? clearly im not doing what i should be at work! he he

    Hope you enjoy every minute of your pregnancy, i get married in 6 weeks and h2b and i are really hoping to conceive quickly after!

    Good luck with it all..x

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  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    Awww you're all so sweet!

    Stez24 - Dont remind me about the thickening thing!! Yesterday evening i just took all my clothes off because evrything felt so tight and awful round my waist. There i was in the living room watching the Britains Next Top Model final sucking marmite off a chopstick, naked. A moment i'll remember for ever.

    sharptoothmints - congratulations and good luck! Have you seen the doctor yet?

    MrsEasterbride2009 - THANK YOU!!! image

    tara b - Aww thank you! Thats lovely of you to say. Hubby has be urging me to write a journal but im always a bit funny about writing. As an artist i prefer to draw. So today i've been watching 'Life Drawing: Todays Nude' on channel 4 afternoon telly and now my diary is covered in all these nudey men and women sketchs. My children will be so proud that i chose to remember their conception this way.....!

    ibiduni4nana - actually last night i breeched (no pun intended) the idea of perhaps a home birth to my husband who promptly hit the roof 'this is your first baby, what about medical care, blah blah' and as i was already irate from the fact he had DARED to interfere with my cooking earlier on i retorted that i was no longer going to speak to him, or anyone else about the baby until they had signed a contract stating they would agree with not only my own opinion, but refuse to inflict my delicate ears with their own. And then i had a cup of tea and felt much better. All my life i've been a bit of a doormat and its about time people started to respect me. Goddamit if people off the street dont respect me my own spawn certainly wont so im putting my foot down now. My way or piss off. Yeah! PreggyPower!

    ILoveCupcakes - Cool! Graphic design! How long have you beeing doing that for? Im a fine artist but studied a bit of design in my youff. Is your avatar a sample of your work? Mine is a photo i took a while back and digitally tweaked.

  • MVenn_2_BMVenn_2_B Posts: 367
    ILoveCupcakes - Cool! Graphic design! How long have you beeing doing that for? Im a fine artist but studied a bit of design in my youff. Is your avatar a sample of your work? Mine is a photo i took a while back and digitally tweaked.

    i've been a graphic designer since i finished uni in 2006, i love it! image

    My avatar isn't a sample of my work, it's a photo, but it's the theme of my portfolio website... i have a strange cupcake obsession! ha ha..x
  • debz82debz82 Posts: 141
    Congratulations Mrs Lili and thank you - you made me laugh your descriptions are hilarious. Hope you get things sorted out and the all day sickness doesn't last too long. I had it really bad till about 18weeks si I feel your pain!!!! Good luck! Debs x x
  • mrs_platt2bmrs_platt2b Posts: 283
    Mrs Lili you are the first person to make me laugh since monday!! Thank you so much. Me and hubby have been tryin to about 4 months now and this time cd lasted 31 days, i was so sure i was pregnant this time round then their it was monday morning AF had come to town again....aarrgghhh!!!!!! since then i have cried and cried and screamed and shouted and huffed about etc etc (u get the drift!) but i am so happy for you congrats! I was so scared that if i come back on here i wud just get upset with all the other lucky ladies that have got pregnant but it just goes to show i was being silly and a lil too hormonal!

    Thank you again

    kate x
  • toni-lou82toni-lou82 Posts: 414
    Congrats hun, just to echo the others you also made me laugh and I love your posts on here lol.

    I had all day sickness, with actual being sick up until I was 22 weeks (last Friday) I seem to have been ok since then (fingers, toes and eyes crossed please)

    I look forward to reading all about your emotional highs and lows over the coming months.

    Congrats again, and make sure you put your foot down and don't let people tell you what to do, I have learnt since being preg that all and sundry do try and tell you what's best for you and baby and everyone will tell you different so I just try and ignore them all and find that works best for me!!image
  • ibiduni4nanaibiduni4nana Posts: 1,405
  • Congratulations MrsLili!!!

    I just found out on Fri that im 2-3 weeks gone too!!! unexpected as we've only been trying for a month!!!

    Due mid march..same time as my 3 year old turns four!!! Perfect planning by us..hehe!!!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and congrats!!!
  • AnnaBrideAnnaBride Posts: 640
    Baby will be due Mid March. Hubby is happy but in denial. He's one of these men that wont truely feel safe to feel happy about it until its born, walking, has a part time job and is asking for a loan so they can go to uni.

    Haha, that made me laugh so much!
  • paula81ukpaula81uk Posts: 113
    Ha ha ha!! MrsLili just been reading through this thread & your posts made me laugh so much. I too am slightly in shock at being pregnant & in a very similar situation, with regards to having previously been in the mindset that it would take us 'ages' to conceive! so, here's the story;

    I've been on the Depo injection for the past 7 years. We got married in January, & as neither of us are getting any younger, I'm 28 & hubby is 30, we decided we had best get a move on starting our family, especially as we both want don't want to have an only child. Then we hit the stumbling block, or so we thought! I went to my GP & told her that we wanted to start TTC, I'd just had an injection at the beginning of January, which lasts for 3 months before you have to have another one, so just thought that come the beginning of April we would be good to go. Maybe I was a bit naive to think that my 'normal bodily functions' would return immediately when the injection came to the end of it's 3 month period, but I was totally devastated when both the GP & practitioner nurse told me that the Depo is such a potent blend of drugs that they usually take at least 18 months to leave the system fully & I could expect it to take approximately 2 years to conceive! I went home from my appointment & broke my heart, but we decided after a long chat just to go with the flow, not get stressed out over it & just see what happened.

    As it happened I was due to have a cervical smear test at the end of April, so, the letter arrive telling me it was due, I booked the apppointment, & the very day of the appointment, I went to the loo, looked down & froze in horror at the sight of the AF that I never expected to arrive, it was bang on 21 days after the injection should have run out! Needless to say, I had to cancel the appointment! Then on the 26th May, again, much to my suprise another AF, this one was on a 24 day cycle.

    My husband works offshore & isn't at home a lot at the moment, so even though I'd had 2 periods I'd never even thought about TTC. It was the 25th June, I got up in the morning & was sick completely out of the blue, my hubby called me that morning & I told him I wasn't feeling well, I thought it must've been something I'd eaten, that's when he said, 'I've been thinking all weekend, when are you due on?' how could I not have realised?!! I would've been due last week, even so though I just thought i was late, after all that would've been more logical, even so, he said go buy a test & I'll call you back in an hour, so I did, & he called, I done the test while he was on the phone, it was the longest 3 minutes ever, then it appeared....'pregnant 2-3 weeks'.

    I didn't even say a word, I started crying, staring at the words that were to change my life forever! Eventually, I snapped out of it & said 'we're having a baby', he was absolutely over the moon & I just wanted him to be at home with me!

    Since then I've been to see my midwife & had a 'booking in' appointment, & as my hubby was only at home for 2 days after my AF they've given me a pretty exact due date of the 26th Februay, which makes me 6+5 today. I got a letter this morning for my first scan for the 13th August, & even though I feel utterly rubbish I still don't feel pregnant! Although I'm not sure what 'pregnant' is supposed to feel like!

    I've felt so ill today so thanks for cheering me up MrsLili, I will definately be following your updates, & to everyone who is feeling poorly, I'm sure we'll all feel it was worth it when 'bump' finally arrives into the world! x

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  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    Thank you all once again for your sweet replies. Today im absolutely knackered and beyond incoherent. Even typing is making me drool with effort so i apologise for any brief replies. My keyboard has become a potential death trap due to sleep-slobber. I have my doctors appointment tonight though so i must stay awake for another 4 hours at least.

    debz82 - 18 weeks? Wow! Mine has been a bit better the last few days but has been replaced with exhaustion. Im thankful im not suffering all the symptoms together. I think my body is just trying them all out one after the other instead to decide which one is worse. Then when its found the only symptom i cant handle it will stick with it... yknow... to really make my day! image

    The_new_Mrs_Platt - Aw hunny! Im glad i made you smile! This whole baby business CAN be a little too draining sometimes cant it? Especially when you really want something to happen. Have you considered ignoring TTC for a few months and just see what happens? I got pregnant when i technically shouldnt have been able too.... Im ignoring the possibility i have immaculately conceived in preference of exploiting the opportunity to bitch, moan, sulk, cry and nag at all hours 'because im pregnant'... eh hmm. image

    tattooedangel - oooh i havent been sick yet, just urged a bit and generally felt queasy. I notice i only really feel sick when im moving about so i've been avoiding going out with my husband who drives like a nut and only eating when im hungry. And eating very very slowly has helped as well. And sleeping. Because if im asleep i cant be sick... i hope :\?

    mrsmmm - Congratulations back! image Im off to the doctors tonight to get myself all confirmed and booked in. How much of a twat will i feel if this whole thing has been a phamtom pregnancy? LMAO All these days without eating a scrap of blue cheese... ;\)

    I'mNowMrsLyall!!! - What a brillant story! Congratulations!! Against all the odds as well! Amazing!! image My 'moment of realisation' wasnt as beautiful or tense i must admit... So off i went, with test in hand, to our grotty downstairs bathroom which is still unrenovated after living here for 2 years... imagine pee-stained carpet (NOT mine may i add!!)... peach bathroom suite... toiletries remaining from previous deceased occupant (i refuse to touch them as they give me the heebie jeebies) that sort of thing. So whilst washing my hands, as the test rested on the floor i spied on it from above... then 'pregnant' started flashing within a few seconds which left me bemused followed by the 2-3 weeks which i thought was quite handy to know. I then flushed the loo, did my hair, checked my makeup- that sort of thing for about ten minutes and then strolled into the living room saying 'told you so'. Hubby was playing with the second pregnancy test we had got and after hugging me asked if he could use it and see if he was pregnant. I said no. Then i asked for a cup of tea. The End.

    Hubby was meant to be house hunting last night. Instead i caught him browsing for £600 prams. I was not impressed. *slap* image 'But they have alloy wheels Lili and they steer from the front!!'

    What AM i going to do with him!? image
  • raspberry_kittyraspberry_kitty Posts: 1,765
    love your post!


  • tarabowdentarabowden Posts: 195
    Another hilarious update - please can you start a blog or something - I want to read more!!

    (Except now you know the pressure is on to be amusing.... ha ha ha!!)

    T xxx (AF finished now so back to lots and lots of bedroom action!)
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