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where have all the "soon to be ttc" girls??

i know there were a few posts from other people who are going to start ttc soon, but i cant find them, where have you gone ladies??

we were planning to start at the beginning of this month but then at the end of june i got a new job in a school starting in september, and its pretty perfect for me so we've stalled and are going to start in september now so i'll definately be able to see out most of a school year even if we get pregnant straight away.

it is drivnig me a bit mad though - we had july as our date in mind for so long its so frustrating to have to wait longer - even if it is only a couple of months.

anyway, anyone else in a similar position? would love to talk to you!



  • PuddleDuck77PuddleDuck77 Posts: 304
    I'm still here - still waiting!! We'd originally said September but are possibly thinking of August instead. Been waiting since we got married in March so it still seems AGES away!

    Congrats about the new job! September will be here before you know it. Have you got many plans to keep you occupied until then? x
  • thanks! we've been waiting since our wedding in april too, though it feels like forever coz i'ver been broody for so long!

    why have you set on august/september?

    i don't have many plans till september apart from a weeks holiday in a few weeks - hubby is also off work for summer and we have been in the house together since monday with nothing to do and are driving each other a bit mad! keep sniping at each other! so i think we need to find something to entertain ourselves!

  • BroodyBootsBroodyBoots Posts: 961
    hi! im a married now image but h2b and i are going to start in dec. was going to be jan but managed to get him down to dec!

    we're only waiting as we are moving soon and want to settle in before we start trying. please let dec come quickly please lol x
  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    There was a new 'planning a baby' forum set up on Baby Expert which was aimed at women not yet ttc but about to, and I think a lot of the YAYWers migrated there! I''m sure they're still around here too though, but just thought I'd let you know as there are a lot of people in a similar boat to you on BE.

    Coco 32+3 xx
  • PuddleDuck77PuddleDuck77 Posts: 304
    Yes, I've registered on BE - I'm called ShootingStar over there (I'm not the same Shooting Star that caused problems over here & knew nothing of it when I chose my name). The ladies over there are all lovely & (im)patiently waiting just like me! xx
  • Mayse29Mayse29 Posts: 118
    I'm a 'soon ttc' girl! Well actually a ttc in 10 weeks 1day girl to be precise!!! haha.

    We get married on 26th September and plan to start trying as of then, I can't wait.

    I'm so broody but can't really discuss it with any of my friends at the moment as we don't really want too many people knowing our plans yet so I'm glad you started this thread, I get to talk about everything 'baby' without boring people!

  • yeah i'm on baby expert under the same name, just prefer this iste for some reason! (i've been on here a while planning my wedding, but changed my nme for baby talk so that if friends or family stumbled across the site they wouldn't know who i was!)

    middy29 we haven't told anyone we're planning to try soon, though i think people suspect it won't be long now. what about the rest of you? have you told anyone your plans? XXX
  • PuddleDuck77PuddleDuck77 Posts: 304
    No, we've not told anyone our plans. I quite like that we've got this little secret between us. We're taking our his and her Sanatogen tablets and are trying to be really healthy. My doctor recommended the Miriam Stoppard book, so I've been reading up on that.

    Sorry - Inever answered your question. We decided on September to give ourselves 6 months to recover from the wedding, both mentally & physically (I have Chron's, so needed to get back on track after the stress of planning the wedding). But we're both quite broody, so I think we're bringing it forward a month. Although it's so tempting to just go for it now!! xx
  • Mayse29Mayse29 Posts: 118
    I've been trying to be as healthy as I can (helps that I've got a wedding dress I need to fit into!!) and have been taking folic acid for a month now - is there anything else I should be taking/doing?

    I'm not sure if people suspect we will ttc soon but some definately assume we will, I'm glad we are otherwise I think I might get annoyed being asked about it all the time!

    I could quite happily spend hours of the day searching the net for ideas on buggys, cots, clothes, names etc..It seems very surreal that we are actually so close to starting our own family as I've been broody for long and I can't believe the time is here to do something about it!

  • betty449betty449 Posts: 545
    I am going to ttc in September too. Honeymoon baby maybe!

    I'm hoping it won't be too long for us. We tried last year and got pregnant straight away. Sadly I had a MC at 10 weeks but apparently that won't affect our chances. I'm so excited!
  • great to see there are a few of us starting in september! i know what you mean middy29 - i can't believe its actually nearly time to start a family - so surreal!

    i'm not taking any supplements - what are you supposed to take while ttc? i suggested buying some pregnacare to hubby and he said it was a waste of money before i'm pregnant and just a way of getting money out of you! heehee he's more cynical than me! xxx
  • betty449betty449 Posts: 545
    I'm not taking anything yet, going to start when I start TTC.

    By the way, I say september but I smoke and I won't start trying until I stop. I only stopped smoking last time once I found out and t was so hard. So 8 weeks to stop smoking then!
  • PuddleDuck77PuddleDuck77 Posts: 304
    It's recommended to take 400mg folic acid at least 3 months before you TTC. I've been taking Sanatogen Mum to Be and Omega 3, but I had a bowel resection 18 months ago so my absorption of things like B12 and folic acid are affected so I'm being overly cautious.

    They do Pregnacare Conception to take while trying & there was a thread on here not so long ago that said supermarkets do an own brand equivalent which is much cheaper - and have been on offer too.

    It does seem surreal that in a month or 2 we'll be actually trying for a baby! I'm definately looking forward to the trying bit - just not the waiting for an outcome! xx
  • i'll have to look into that then! though like betty said i probably won't take anything until we're actually trying, thoguh it makes sense for you mandm.

    good luck with quitting smoking betty!

  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    We're going to start ttc from January after the wedding (16th Jan), would be lovely to have a honeymoon baby but we may try a little bit from Dec as in we won't be actively trying but not taking precautions either lol.

    I am sooo broody, have been for the last year or so, so really can't wait to start trying.

    I'm still waiting for my af to start again after being on depo injection image
  • TwinMumVixTwinMumVix Posts: 844
    I am so broody I can't wait til we TTC. My hubby knows I have wanted kids for years and we agreed after the wedding. We then decided that as hubby wanted a new car we would do that first.

    Now the wedding has been and gone I keep asking hubby when he is gonna get his car as he doesnt really seem to be actively looking (I know he needs to save some money first) But he seems to be getting frustrated with me keep asking lol

    I just want to know so I can have it in my mind as at the moment it is just an open ended thing and I have no idea. He said maybe at christmas but it wasnt really a set in stone commitment!

    I suppose I just need to be more patient
  • Mayse29Mayse29 Posts: 118
    lampiekat - my h2b has suggested stopping contraceptives from next month, so abit before our wedding too, but I'm not so sure, I've had abit of a battle losing weight to fit into my dress so don't really want to risk putting on even a pound but then on the other hand I deperately want a baby so I don't know! Decisions, decisions!

    *vix* - I know how frustrating it is waiting to know when your hubby wants to start ttc because although my h2b is now ready for ages he would say things like I'm not old enough yet/not for a few years/I'm not ready/I don't know which is fair enough but I wanted to know the exact age when he thought he would be old enough/how many years is a few years/when will he be ready/why doesn't he know!! haha. I think having a time whether it be a month, a year etc.. gives us something to look forward to and that it really will happen in the not to distant future.

  • I'm fairly new to the whole forum, and just seen this thread, so thought i'd join in!

    I'm getting married in 8 weeks (September 19th) and we're in a bit of a pickle and don't know when to start ttc!! We originally said we'd start ttc straight after the wedding and aim for a honeymoon baby, but we are wondering if to leave it for a bit and enjoy married life together first and finish the little bits with our house - or should we just get on with it!? xx

  • PuddleDuck77PuddleDuck77 Posts: 304
    Hi MrsFishyWishy2b

    We decided to give ourselves 6 months after the wedding to recover from all the organising and stress before TTC. We've had an amazing few months of just "being married" and it's been fantastic. We've never felt more in love, chilled and relaxed. In the months leading up to the wedding it was so hectic, we felt we needed time to just do nothing and plan nothing. Saying that, we've talked about babies A LOT! And I think we're bringing it forward 1 month - whoo hoo.

    A couple of my friends went straight into TTC fater getting married and both the hubbys said in hindsight they needed a break from wedding talk then baby tlak, so I suppose that's why we decided to leave it a bit, for both our sakes.

    But when they're babies were born they knoew it was so worth it and they are gorgeous - I WANT ONE NOW! It all depends on your situation. If you feel you're ready, go for it - and enjoy it! Only you and your H2B will know when it's right, no 2 couples are the same. I hope you have a fab wedding. Good luck with your decision. xx
  • MummyMBMummyMB Posts: 275
    We are end of august/september too, although it will be more relaxed than actively trying. Hopefully we can start a thread soon for those of us who will be testing in September so we can keep up with each others progress image xxx
  • Hi mandm09 - you're right, only me and H2B will know when our time is right.

    We had a MC last year, and said we would wait until after the wedding to try.

    We have both spoken about it and have said we'd like to wait for the dust from the wedding to settle, make sure our house is as ready as it can be, have a few months and then start trying.

    But then part of me says - lets go for it in September.

    If I fall in September/October then it won't be the end of the world. I'll be over the moon whenever it happens. xx
  • PuddleDuck77PuddleDuck77 Posts: 304
    I'm sorry to hear about your MC MrsFW2B.

    It sounds like you 2 have got it sussed. We're the same, we want to get our house sorted but there have been times where we've thought, why wait, but I know we should stick to our plan. It's just so tempting isn't it! xx

  • its very tempting!!!

    but i guess what happens, will happen and everything happens at a certain time for a reason! image xx
  • PuddleDuck77PuddleDuck77 Posts: 304
    That's what I always say!! We actually sound very similar! How funny! x
  • very funny!

    I was devastated when I had my MC, was all prepared to have a 5 month old when we got married - I was adamant that I wasn't moving the wedding, and then it happened. But now I look and realise it must have happened for a reason & it wasnt our time at that point. xx
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