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Is my mind playing tricks on me?

Hi Ladies,

H2b and I decided that we would start TTC hoping that we would have a possible honeymoon baby. Anyways we officially started 'baby dancing' on Monday which would have been the day I ovulated however now i'm starting to feel symptoms of prgnancy. My breasts are really tender round the edges and ache whenever I move, even going over speed bumps on Saturday hurt like hell. Yesterday I started feeling a bit nauseas and just felt 'uneasy' and restless. Surely I couldn't feel the signs at one week.

I dont want to be one of those ladies that buys a pregnancy test with the weekly shopping just in case but i'm going insaine. It's too early to actually take a test and don't know what to do.

Please help ladies :\?




  • biddyukbiddyuk Posts: 570
    not really sure, could it be possible that u fell pregnant b4 you decided to start trying iykwim????

    i would take a test, maybe get a first response. or if you go on ebay they do really good test on there & usually deliver next day. sorry not much help x
  • I wouldn't have thought so, we've been using love gloves for about 3 years and we've never had a surprise.
  • I just got a BFP and the "conception indicator" said 1-2 weeks, I felt nauseas, had cramps and even a strange taste in my mouth all last week so it could be! I bought some cheap strip tests off ebay when we started ttc (this ws month 2) and when I got a BFP with those I bought a clear blue!

    Good luck

  • kirk110480kirk110480 Posts: 3,339
    I really can't help either way but just wanted to say I love the terms 'baby dancing' and 'love gloves'... made me smile! xx
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    He he i was just about to say the same as Jersey Bride! Made me chuckle! Everyone is different esp with symptons x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Hello, I've been lurking around on this forum for a couple of weeks now, reading the posts with interest and have decided to join in with this particular thread...hope that's ok :\)

    We are in our first month of TTC, and like so many others I am convinced my mind has already started playing little tricks on me. The last four days I seem to have developed so many ???????symptoms???????, and I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up (man how difficult is tha?). I've been using the coil for 5 years and only had it removed a couple of weeks back, so I know that I cannot possibly be pg yet, nobody I know is that lucky, plus all of my ???????symptoms??????? can be explained away as follows:

    Feeling exhausted to the point where I feel my eyes closing at every opportunity - most likely my body getting back to normal after the coil.

    Cramping and a ???????dragging??????? pain - I'm hoping that means I'm ovulating, as that would be the best way to explain it away if I'm not pg!

    Gone off coffee (I'm a 6 cups per day person at work) - maybe I've just had so much in the last few years that my body has gone off it, lol!! I'm actually sat at my desk with a coffee right now, the first in three days, forcing myself to drink it just to prove to myself this is not a symptom!

    ???????Sawdust??????? type of stuff in urine (sorry!)...I read in another thread that this was a sign of protein, and of course this got me checking every time I go to the loo and yes I definitely have this - up until this point in my life I have never checked my urine so perhaps it's just always been like that! image

    White spots have appeared in the last two days around my nipples - I heard this could be a sign (no idea what it's called) but again this is probably just my body re-adjusting to not having the coil. My boobs aren't hurting me at all.

    Finally, backache today - I probably slept funny last night.

    So there you go, lots of ???????symptoms??????? which on one hand have me stupidly hoping even though I know it's far too soon for me to be pg, and on the other can all be explained away! I can see this is going to be a long haul.

    Good luck to all of you and thanks for letting me ramble!

  • Well aren't I glad I did a HPT last night! As soon as I took the test the result window showed a BFN however the control window had no line in it at all. After reading the little leaflet it said the test had not worked and I needed to take another in a couple of days.

    How would I cope with a baby when I get my BFP, I can't even pee on a stick properly!!

  • lol!

    Get some strip ones off ebay - pee in a cup and dip the strips in the wee! You can get them for a lot less than in the shops!

    Good Luck

  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    If the test didn't work because you just hadn't done it properly, doesn't that mean you could just do another one today rather than wait a few more days to re-try? Or am I just being thick!!
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    oh bless you mrschapman2be! you will be fine!

    I had my coil removed on the 6th July and i have had a few changes but i think it is just after math of having my coil out as i have no idea what my cycle is, i have my hen weekend in 3 weeks and even if i don't feel anything different i plan on doing a pregnancy test before i go just to be on the safe side because i don't wont to be heavily drinking if there is the tiniest chance (and it is the tinest chance to me) that i might be pregnant! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Hi MrsBridge2b, do you mind me asking you what changes you have experienced since having your coil removed?

    I don't know ayone else who has been using the coil as opposed to the pill or injection, it would be really interesting to see if your changes have been the same as mine, if so then they can be ticked off as NOT being pg symptoms. I'm having another day where I think I might be and it's killing me being so back and forth! Thanks :\)
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    Hi Mrs Cat, just small changes that could be classed as "pg" symptoms, like my boobs are sore and have def grown a little bit - even a friend at work turned round and said - your boobs have got bigger!, tired a lot more than usual, i've had quite a bloated belly as well which i dont normally have.

    This might sound odd but i also in general just happier lol! The coil had more of an effect on me than i thought since having it out, i had no sex drive at all with it in and now it's all i can think about! I know TTC might have a part in it but in an ideal world i dont want to fall - if i'm lucky enough to of course - until at least next month but if we feel before then we would stilll be over joyed! x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    plus the other reason for me knowing i'm not pg is that i've only had it out a week lol and i;m sure symptoms dont happen that early on! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Thanks MrsBridge, I am also definitely a lot happier and have more of a sex drive, it's amazing the changes that are so graduale over time you don't even notice isn't it? I'm also dreadfully tired and yawning the whole time, so that's another one I can tick off my list - thank you hun :\)

    Can't say I have sore boobs though, in fact that's the one thing that convinces me that I cannot possibly be pg because they surely would be hurting if I was!
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    I'm glad you've mentioned the sex drive! My H2B was really starting to take it personally! We had an amazing sex life before and while we still had it with the coil it was regular etc and i really had to syke myself up as awful as that sounds - now it's just like when we first met and i love it.

    My boobs could have just grown - they've always been on the small side lol so it's about time they get to a decent size considering i'm 25! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Well I just figured my sex drive was due to me getting older, and just generally losing interest no matter what - I have to say I'm so glad it's not that! (And so is DH!).

    Wouldn't mind if my boobs grew a bit too but as it's not already happened I can't see that it's going to now lol x
  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    I am on cycle 9 now and my mind has been laying tricks on me since the beginning. This month I was sure it was THE month as I have felt totally different to all the othe rmonths and the markers for AF starting were not there....but AF was bang on time.

    I guess I should be grateful that at least she wasn't late!
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    I have given up hope that it has happened for us this month. Trouble is my cycles are completely erratic so I wouldn't even know if I was late or not! I think until I start to experience symptoms which really convince me I shall hold off taking a test...I'm worried if I start that now it will become a bad (and disappointing) habit!
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    i know what you mean MrsCat i think in a way maybe it show how ready we all really are to have a baby if that makes sense?!!? I will do a test just before hen do in 3 weeks just to make sure so i dont go and get hammered if i have fallen pregnant but i will be completely surprised (in a fantastic way!) if we did fall in the first month x

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  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Oh wow MrsBridge you've got your hen do, do you know where you are going or is it a surprise? image

    I never realised what an unbelievably impatient woman I am until we started TTC, it's crackers!! I'm pretty sure I'll continue to subconsciously look for "signs", until AF arrives, so for that reason alone I hope it turns up soon ha ha!

    It would be so great if you have managed it in your first month of trying, my fingers are well and truly crossed for you x
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    Have any of you tried ovulation tests?

    Hubby and i have been trying for 18 months until 6 weeks ago Dr told me i had been through the menopause (no symptoms) and i was gutted, but yesterday aunt flo appeared so i have ordered ovulation and pregnancy tests to just to try and get an idea of what is going on!
  • Im so glad that i am not the only one who thinks their mind is playing tricks on them, we are now in our 3rd month of TTC and each time i have conviniced myself that i have had symptoms! We started using Ovulation tests this month which was good as i ovulated earlier than i thought i would, It was only at the weekend and already today i have conviniced myself that i have a strange taste in my mouth! obviously nothing to do with the fact i had an indian last night!!!!!!!!

    I know im setting myself up for disappointment when AF arrives but im just so glad im not the only one!
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    New-MrsB, how did the doctor manage to get it so wrong! I'm very glad for you that he/she did, however it may have happened.

    I've not tried ovulation tests simply because I figure I'm already putting more pressure on myself than I ought to, without adding "the right" days to it all.

    MrsJennifer I spent much of yesterday afternoon thinking I had a metallic taste in my mouth, only to then ponder exactly what a metallic taste was like and whether I actually knew what I was talking about (I have since reached the conclusion that I do not, lol)!

    Man am I glad for this website. Anyone else listening to me would think I was absolutely bonkers image
  • MrsCat - i am so gald that you have replied saying that as after i wrote my post i have been thinking the same thing!! I have been wondering what would i have ever eaten with a matalic taste? and i came to the same conclusion as you!!

    I alway thought i was a very sane and patience person untill we started TTC!!!image

  • gemoliviagemolivia Posts: 592
    whats bfp and ttc stand for sorry but am being really thick
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Big Fat Positive, and Trying To Conceive.

    Took me ages learning all the abbreviations but I was lurking for a while before joining in so that gave me time to revise, lol!

    MrsJennifer I was seriously at the point where I thought "people say it's like old pennies in your mouth, maybe I should..." - you can see where I was going with this, but thank goodness I came to my senses before I gave myself any kind of disease!!!

    It's just reassuring to know that I'm not the only one losing the plot!

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  • Mrs Cat- That is so funny and i am sure that if anyone had told me that, i would have given it a thought!! My Husband & I both said we would not put any pressure on our selves and it would happen when its ready, but who are we trying to kid! i actually think he is worse than me, i found him the other day marking pages in his mens health magazine which gave tips on what to eat and what not to when trying to concieve! of course i am very gratfull that he is as keen as me.
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Really! That is so lovely of him, my husband hasn't done anything like that, one day he will tell me not to get my hopes up then the next he says something like "wow can you believe we might be having a baby soon". I know it would make his whole year, as well as my own, if we had such good news. He's been talking about it for a couple of years now, but he's trying to almost forget that we're trying which I understand (but impossible or what?).

    The whole pressure thing is odd, don't you think? I mean even without studying symptoms I would still be second-guessing myself, because if you want a child and have ceased to use contraception you can't help it can you! One thing I was worried about was that sex would become kind of "clinical", but I'm very glad to say we do not appear to have that problem image

    Edited, again, due to bad spelling - oohhhh my brain's not working properly, is it a sign??!??!? Joke image

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  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    mrsjennifer my h2b is exactly the same!

    Mrs Cat i go 3 weeks on Friday! I cant wait, going to bournemouth for the weekend image i dont normally drink, probably about 2 times a year if that! So if i could choose a month (wouldn't it be nice if it happened like that?!) i would fall during or after August but we would still be just as happy if we did fall in the first month but i have no idea when my cycle starts ends etc because i never really had periods with the coil in x
  • Jackie2ukJackie2uk Posts: 43
    Hi all thought i would but on on your chat, i have 4 kids and i had simptoms from the day i concived did not realise with the first but def did the others so it is never to soon for simptoms hers how i fell

    baby one 3 weeks after wedding,

    baby two stoped pill was preg same month

    baby three coil out preg again same month

    baby four accident love glove and morning after pill did not work.

    good luck all

    oh and just found out daughter preg after 2 years of trying and being told she did not ovulat
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