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When did you and h2b properly decide to ttc?

Hello lovely ladies,

H2b and i arent trying for a baby although i would love to be carrying a little baby right before or right after the wedding.

Anyway h2b and i were have a cuddle after.... and he said if you got pregnant now we'd have the baby around my Birthday.

So i said well, it deffo wont be this month, and he said well even if it was next then... and just started talking about a baby. Then i woke up as he came out of the bathroom during the night and he said Oh ive picked the travel system comes with all these gadgets and is super safe, most recomended etc... (He'd seen it in my old good housekeeping mag in the bathroom).

I was too sleepy to really say anything, but i dont really know if i should ask if he wants to try now, or why he thought of these things. I dont even have a job at the moment and he is the breadwinner and has moved us for his work (so we're in rented accom)

Also id be heavily pregnant at the time of the wedding. So i dont think he can really mean he wants a baby now...

ANYWAY, did your h2bs do this? Did you properly sit down to talk about when exactly you would try? Just nosey-ness really!!!image

x x x


  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    We agreed to never actively try just because it felt a little to sterile for us. Like 'ooohh its 5pm, time for sex'. And then after we got married we figured we didnt have any reason not to have a baby even though we werent broody so we gave up on all contreception and just got on with life. If i got pregnanct, i got pregnant. 3 months later here i am- 6 wks. I had a lvoely 2 months pill free but God has other plans for us LOL
  • xCandyxukxCandyxuk Posts: 147
    We have a two year old little girl and knew we wanted another one but weren't really thinking about it much, till about 5 months before her 2nd birthday my oh said he would like to try soon, he'd like another baby. So we this was november and we decided to wait until the year after to make sure we definately wanted one. Come february and we decided i'd come off the pill and see what happened and two months later i fell. Talk to him, then wait a short while to be sure.

  • DylansmummyDylansmummy Posts: 209
    We have been together 7 years this year and we have talked actively throughout our relationship about having children. Nearly 3 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and spent a year having everything but the kitchen sink thrown at me treatmentwise in order to fight it. We thought that as the treatment was quite intense and the doctor could give no guarantees that we would be lucky to concieve at all.

    So for the past 2 years we have thrown ourselves into having the best relationship possible we bought a house and planned our beautiful wedding and when I had nearly had 2 years off chemotherapy I asked the doctor at the hospital whether we were safe to try for a baby. Like Mrs Lili we had no intention of actively trying as I would have found being unsuccessful too heartbreaking, when they said yes it was ok to "try" we were the happiest people around we came home and had unprotected sex and concieved first go!

    I am now 22 + 3 having a little boy who we have christened Dylan James and are so excited and happy about our little miracle.

    I would advise you to talk and be very honest are you 100% ready I have held my dh off for years lol as he was made to be a daddy.

    Good luck x x x x x
  • We gotr married in December and hubby was keen to start ttc staight away, but I was studying part time and working full time so wnated to wait a little longer.

    As my course finished in May, and I came to the end of my supply of contraceptive pill in May, we decided that I wouldn't get any more from the doctors.

    I've just found out I'm pregnant - after 2 months!

  • PuddleDuck77PuddleDuck77 Posts: 304
    em1303 - that is such a heartwarming story. Many congratulations & I hope you're having a happy & healthy pregnancy.

    MrsMcD2b - we got married in March and decided to give ourselves a bit of a break b4 we start TTC basically to recover from the wedding. We decided on September, but we're now getting more & more broody, so it might be next month now.

    It's best to talk to him - just explain that once you get your dress, there's no room for a little one in there!


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  • MrsMcDermott2bMrsMcDermott2b Posts: 1,178
    Thank you, can i be really dumb and ask what the number + number is when you say how far gone you are? I know im such an eejit!!!

    We've just started seeing someone to talk to them about having a mc, and just to help make our relationship stronger (we really are fine, but just needed to talk to someone about it as i had issues and really thought i did it) so i know we're not really ready because we're still needing to talk about it.

    I really hope to just see what happens after the wedding though!!

    Maybe take lots of time to get healthy!!

    x x x
  • The first number is the weeks and the second is the days for how long you've been pregnant.

    eg 8 + 2 means 8 weeks and 2 days.
  • MrsMcDermott2bMrsMcDermott2b Posts: 1,178
    Oh thank you, it was me being totally dumb, everyone else knows!!!!

    thank you!!!

    x x x
  • UkJayUkJay Posts: 81
    We started in Oct 2006 but I hav PCOS. We ndd up having 2 rounds of IVF last year, both of which failed, but now I'm pregnant without having consciously tried and will be somewhere between 10 - 12 weeks on the wedding day!
  • UkJayUkJay Posts: 81
    My 'e' doesn't work very well, sorry!
  • Kitcat2009 thats fantastic news. Congratulations!!!! What a lovely story and perfect timing!!

  • MrsMcDermott2bMrsMcDermott2b Posts: 1,178
    thats a lovely story!

    Id rather not TRY and then feel like we're failing, maybe just 'see what happens' and try to play it cool.

    I will freak h2b out though, he'll catch me doing headstands etc...!!
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