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First Doctors Appointment

After getting my BFP last weekend I made an appointment with my doctor and as mu hubby was off work yesterday we decided to go on a day he could come too.

I was so excited about going, getting confirmation etc, but it was a bit of a none event!

She asked why I was there, I told her so she worked out how far gone I am (5 weeks).

She asked how many tests I had done, I told her (4 ), so said she wouldn't do any more tests as that was enough!

She filled in a form for the midwife and gave me a form for free prescriptions.

I told her I'd had 2 nights over a 2 week period where I had drunk lots before I found out, she said that was ok as long as I wasn't doing it since (though the odd glass would be ok).

I asked her about foods to avoid and healthy eating as I am vegetarian - she said nothing should be avoided (not even peanuts)!

She didn't suggest any suppliments other than folic acid.

I've been told the midwife will contact me in 2-3 weeks but I feel like I've been dismissed!


  • tanyadmtanyadm Posts: 53
    Hi Mrs Jo,

    congratulations on your BFP!

    Don't despair over your doc's attitude - I had exactly the same experience. My doc spent most of the appointment telling us that we had a 25% chance of losing our baby so just to carry on as normal. I even had to point out that I'm on long-term medication to get any advice on how that would affect my pregnancy, she didn't even look at my notes. She was also really rude to my husband when he asked her to define what she meant by 'early pregnancy', as he didn't understand when the risk of miscarriage ended - it's our first, so it was a fair question!

    I've got much better advice and help from this and other forums. I'm told that the midwife will be much kinder and more helpful, which I'm sure yours will be too.

    Don't worry about her, hon - carry on being excited, it might not be a big deal to the docs, but it's amazing for us! Just concentrate on keeping well and growing your bump!

  • BevversBevvers Posts: 650
    Hi Ladies,

    This happened to me too. I went to the docs really excited & also wanting confirmation from someone medical. The doc asked me how many tests I had done (4 also) & he said he didnt need to do another. He made me an ante natal appointment with the midwife & that was that. I was really disappointed but a week later when I seen the midwife all was well again. She asked lots of questions gave me some basic information ref foods etc & then told me I would here from the hospital with my dating scan date.

    Im now 22 + 2 recently had my anomoly scan & Ive been told we're having ababy girl!!

    Ignore the docs the midwives know what they are talking about!!

    Good luck xxx
  • jraffe13jraffe13 Posts: 10

    I know how you feel I have two gorgeous baby girls but the docs reaction both times was the same!! I even had to ask them to do tests for me to confirm it!! Once you meet your midwife things totally change they just seem so much more interested and switched on! Take care and enjoy every second as it flies by so quickly!! xx
  • Hey,

    I'm also a vegetarian, not pregnant though.

    I think this should help you. x
  • HowExcitedHowExcited Posts: 537
    Def ignore the doc's - the midwife will go through everything with you in depth at your booking in appointment.

    We didn't get ours until 10 weeks, but then went through everything very very thoroughly


    34+6 x
  • KJB15KJB15 Posts: 141
    I had the same type of thing from the doctor and she said to go book in with the midwife which I did but that turned out to be a waste of time too. She said really the first appointment with the midwife should be the booking appointment after week 10 so she gave us a few leaflets and left us to book another appointment. She was surprised the doctor had put in for this initial appointment and said sorry it'd been a waste of our time.
  • ST3PHukST3PHuk Posts: 284

    all ur doc's seem crap(sorry guys but they do)there supposed to help,

    everytime ive been preger's they ask for a sample first then i have to wait fir that to come back to the doc's to confirm preg,they have always congratulated me given me leaflets and asked if theres anything they can advise on,

    i wouldn't worrry tho you have your folic acid tablets and your booked in to see your midwife,they are so nice its unreal well the one i have had at the appointments was had the same one 3 times now shes lovley,you will get all the info you need of them there with you for a while so enjoy this time don't even give the doc's a second thought now.

    congratulations aswell,


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