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Hen night and ttc

I wasn't planning on having a hen night as we've just started ttc, I've notice some pg symptoms (nausea, sore boobs, metallic taste) but did a test at the end of last week and it was ng. I felt pressured into drinking over the weekend and ended up throwing up a lot at home, now terrified I could be pg and done some damage. My friends hve insited that I have a hen night, it's in a few days, I'll do another test before I go out and obviously won't touch a drop if it's positive, however if it's neg I really don't want to drink until I get my af and know I'm not pg. Should I just tell my friends what's going on or make up an excuse or not worry until I get a bfp?:\?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense!


  • mauk1mauk1 Posts: 76
    Not sure about the abbreviation but if you're with your friends and you don't want to drink they should accept that, alternatively, buy coke and ask for it in a small glass, by the time your friends have had a few they won't notice if you're drunk or not anyway! Or confide in your closest friend and get them to help you avoid drinking.

    Even better, don't have a traditional hen night and go for afternoon tea at a nice hotel or something, then there's no reason to drink.

    Hope everything works out x
  • Thanks, my friend is organising it for me as a surpise so I don't know what it's going to be like. But when I said I might drive the other day and not drink my friends joked that they wouldn't let me go out without drinking!

    Noone knows I've come off the pill so maybe I should tell them?
  • butcherukbutcheruk Posts: 74
    buttonmushroom I think you will have to tell them if you want to avoid drinking.

    I think it will be very difficult to avoid it if you dont tell them, unless your hen night is at a spa or similar. People usually expect to drink at a hen night.

    I had my hen night about 3 weeks ago and the amount of shots I was bought was crazy! I actually didnt want to drink any more after about 11:30pm as we had been drinking since 4pm, but people just kept buying me more drinks! I tipped a couple away in the end.

    good luck!
  • UkJayUkJay Posts: 81
    I had to tell my hens that I'm pg because I knew I couldn't get away with it. I called off the spa day that was planned because there have ben a few complications, but there wasn't a problem with not drinking at the evening meal - I had some gorgeous non-alcoholic cocktails!

    That said, you might feel like you've jumped the gun if you turn out not to be pregnant. And of course lots of people do drink before they even realise, but I wouldn't want to be drinking to exces while TTC anyway.

    Tricky one. I'd tell em your dilemma and insist you don't want to drink.

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