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Swine flu and TTC

Is it safe to TTC at moment with the whole swine flu thing going on? My mum rang me yesterday to say I just should put off TTC until after the new year because Pregnant women are at more risk?


  • ST3PHukST3PHuk Posts: 284
    i saw that on the tv yesterday the doc on there was saying go to your doctor first if you are thinking of getting pg,

    but the way i see it there are so many ppl pg already so what can they do if you going to get it you will get it,

    think its just safer not to be pg they can still treat it if you were to get it it was on gmtv this morning talking about it,

    good luck
  • tanyadmtanyadm Posts: 53
    It is a bit of a worry. Although, I suppose that when they finally stock the vaccine, we'll be amongst the first groups to be eligible for it. But I wonder if the vaccine will be safe for pregnant people.

  • ST3PHukST3PHuk Posts: 284
    don't know about the vaccine i know there not giving pg women that tamiflu or what ever it is there givin out to clear it up,there using somthing else if u are already pg and cotract swine flu
  • ExcitedEllyExcitedElly Posts: 251
    I just read this on the BBC website:-

    Personally I wouldn't put off TTC unless you have other health problems. There is always going to be some illness going around the world and you'd never TTC if you waited for them all to be gone first.

  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    Swine flu is probably going to be rife in society for the next few years anyway so there no point waiting. Its only the media hyping us up after all and those comments have been slammed for scare-mongering. As long as your aware of whats going on and how swine flu effects pregnant women and young children you should be ok. After all, millions of women are still conceiving right this second and theyre not all going to run out and get terminations just because of swine flu.
  • Devon_MummyDevon_Mummy Posts: 211
    You are just as likely to get normal flu than swine flu. I wouldnt worry about it. There are so many things we could catch its not worth worrying about
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