I've just found out I am expecting non identical twins and I am so worried about how I'll cope. Just wondered if there were any twin mummys on here?? xxxxx


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    i dont have twins,theres a 5yr gap between mine.

    try not to worry about it.your family and friends will all rally round and help you.

    congrats, its good news!!

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    I'm not a twin mummy but I am twin, I have a twin sister. I just thought i would let you know that my mum had 4 girls, my two older sisters then me and my twin. When we were born she had 4 kids under the age of 5! Anyway, she said that having me and Jen (my twin) was easier because we just kept eachother entertained! She could just put us in our play pen and leave us to it. Also, I love having a twin, its great having someone to share everything with as you grow up.

    You'll be fine. I think once you settle into routine with them both you'll find it easy. My mum breast fed my sister because she was quite a bit smaller than me, and my dad used to bottle feed me. Although she does joke now that she thinks we used to take it in turns to keep her up all night!

    Congratulations!! Kate x
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    Hi hun,

    First up CONGRATULATIONS. I'm a twin mummy too. I have twin girls - they had separate placentas so were assumed to be non-ID but look like 2 peas in a pod, so we think they probably are ID.

    It is a lot to take in at first, as it is so different from having one baby, but it is an amazing experience. My biggest tip is joining TAMBA. It works out at about £2.25 per month, but the support is fantastic. The messageboards are brilliant, the girls are so supportive and full of fab tips and advice and its just good for letting off all the stress and worry. There are numerous other benefits which include discounts at a lot of retailers, the literature that Tamba produces is fab too, and they provide a lot of parenting courses for multiples.

    The first year after having twins is hard work, but it gets so much easier, and they do entertain each other. Being a twin mummy is so special and I wouldn't change a thing. My girls turned 2 just 10 days ago. Feel free to email me if you want any more info or just to let off a bit of anxiety, etc xx
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    Hey. Im pregnant with twins too!! Its been a rough ride so far but im now 26 weeks and cant wait to meet our identical boys.

    Can I just say that WindsorB2B (or WindsorWife I just saw - congrats xx) is fab. I wrote a post a while back (dont come on here much now. spend more time on Baby Expert) and she was very good at giving me advice on the correct questions to ask and what should be happening.

    My boys are due at the end of Oct but are growing at quite a quick rate so they are looking to section me at 34 weeks - mid-sept - which is a bit scary!!

    Gemma xx
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    Hey mrs gemmiebaby - thanks! Have you found your way on to tamba yet? Now the wedding is done, I'm on there a bit more (and thanks for your congrats!). Have been wondering how you've been - glad its all going well. 34 weeks is brill for identicals!

    Vicki - hope all is going well with you? xx
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