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Home Birth?? (Sorry has ended up been a bit long)

Hello all,

Im currently 27 + 2 with our baby girl. Yesterday i was watching the info video for the maternity ward that i would be going to in York, when i was watching it, it was saying about the opening hours and that your partner has to go home at 9pm and can come again at 9am when your in the post natal ward, (i understand this as i would'nt want a stange person next me all the time during the night etc)

Anywho, this has really started to panik me as when out baby girl i want my husband there with me and not have to leave his daughter when she's only a few hours old.

This has got me thinking about having a home birth as then we can stay together and settle down straight away, this is our first baby but were in the low risk catagory,

Does anyone have any advice or experiences or anything really to help me out :\?

Also is it too late to discuss this with my midwife?

Sorry when i read it, it sounds a bit soft but i don't want my husband to miss out on anything and would love to be able to stay as a family afterwards.:\)


  • beckyyyxxxbeckyyyxxx Posts: 1,102
    Hi i had an unexpected home birth with my 2nd child (my first child was born in hospital) and i must say that i would hghly recomend a home birth. When i had my 1st child at hospital i had gas and air for pain reliefe. She was born at 9.53pm, my partner and my mum then had to leave by 10.30pm. Athough i didnt mind so much because i was shattered and just wanted to go to sleep, i think another hour with his new born baby would have been good for him.

    My 2nd daughter was born at 11.50 am at home. It was not planned, but it was such a different experience. I had to get on the sofa with bin bags and sheets underneath me, and i had no pain relief at all. There was my mum, my partner, my best friend, 3 midwives and a community support worker thing aswell so i had an audience lol. (my front door was wide open aswell) Anyway, i was laid on the sofa and not allowed to push untill the midwife got there from the hospital. It was scary when she arrived and i looked over and seen lots of instruments and tools laid out on my chair but within a minute or 2 my 2nd daughter was born. Everyone was obviously allowed to stay all day, i want rushed to just in the shower or get out of bed and move to another bed. It was all very relaxed.

    I dont see why you wouldnt be able to have a home birth at this stage. I think you should mention it to your midwife a.s.a.p and see what she says.

    My friend had a planned homebirth and she sayd it was so much better than hospital.

    I say go for it!! Good luck and sorry if i have waffled on abit. xxx
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    If you want a home birth, go for it! My friend had a homebirth for her first, and is now expecting her second and intends to do the same provided all the scans show that position is good, etc.

    That said, late night births at my hospital, you were generally kept on the labour ward until early morning and then your partner could stay with you and the baby. It might be worth checking with your hospital what their policy would be if your baby was born overnight, and when they would require your hubby to leave.

    Good luck! x
  • GemilyJukesGemilyJukes Posts: 321
    I am currently booked for a home birth. The idea of my husband being sent home shortly after our little boy is born is one of the many reasons I opted against a hospital birth. Also my hospital birthing experience with my daughter (almost three years old now) was pretty horrific so I don't really want to head down that route again.

    You should still be able to arrange a home birth but I would recommend contacting your midwife asap to get it all sortedimage x
  • Snowflake55Snowflake55 Posts: 674
    My SIL2B had a home birth with her 2nd and is ahving one again for her 3rd. Went in to labour at 11pm while her 2 year old was asleep upstairs and gave birth in a birthing pool at about 5am!! All cleaned up and showered before the 2 year old woke!! h2b there the whole time, all in own soundsings, it sounds perfect, but only if you are a very low risk pregancy

  • Wow, thanks for all the replies, its really reassuring to here of other people about there experiences.

    Im due for my 28 week antenatal on tuesday so i'll defiantly have a good chat with her then. The only problem i have is that i haven't had the same midwife yet, have about 6 appointments and a different midwife every-time, last time i went i told the midwife and she look and said oh you should have the same midwife as this time at your next appointment, then when i booked it it she said oh im on holiday so it will be someone else, lol.

    Have spoke to my hubby and he's defiantly up for a home birth, plus i have this "thing" Not really a phobia but i get really panicky about been mucky so really would like a shower in a place i know, also can't really have baths as the heat makes me ill and i can't stay in water too long as i'm scared of getting the little holes in my hand. I know it sound really weird and random lol,

    Thanks agian for all the advice i feel like it will defiantly be the right option for me, hubby and bb :\)
  • topginger24topginger24 Posts: 593
    I had a homebirth with my 1st baby in April image It was the best thing I ever did.

    You can decided to have a homebirth right up to the minute you go into labour. Would ya like me to post my birth story??

    I ave to add, the likelihood of intervention etc is much less at home...had I ave been in hospital theyd ave suggested forceps as I was gettin tired n pushed for nearly 2 hours!!

    I'm very pro homebirth - it really is safe if you do all your research and understand that there's a small chance you'd need to transfer to hospital.
  • AHenry2bAHenry2b Posts: 11
    Sorry to put a negative spin on this but my experience of home birth wasn't positive. Obviously a home birth is higher risk and is it really worth it so your hubby can stay after the birth? You need to ensure you have rapid access to your local maternity unit. As a few ladies have already mentioned, fathers don't always get rushed off the ward following delivery as the importance of bonding as a family is understood. If your labour at hospital is staright forward you could be home 6 hours later anyway. Sorry if this sounds bad, I don't mean to cause any upset or offence.
  • robstersgirlrobstersgirl Posts: 4,161
    Hi I have had 2 planned homebirths, they are actually no higher risk than a hospital birth.

    Both my homebirths have been a far more pleasant experience than my 2 previous hospital births,so I do have experience of both.

    To be honest after you will just want to sleep though.

    You should try baby centre website they have a homebirthing club with loads of great advice.

    Good luck with your p.g.


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