for all you mummies :/)

I would be really interested to hear about how your lives change after becoming a mummy please...

All the good points and bad points, and things that surprised you etc.

I'm feeling really broody at the moment but due to major money problems (I'm a shop owner and h2b is self employed so we're really suffering from the recession) we're not able to start ttc quite yet. But it's lovely hearing about other people, and looking forward to ttc hopefully in the not too distant future :/)



  • Hey anouska

    Good points - everytime they learn something new you feel so proud of them.

    They give you hugs all the time & love you even in the morning when your hair is everywhere & you've got no make up on : )

    My 9 year old leaves me little cards & notes around the house every so often telling me how much she loves me.

    Bad points - Tiring, my 1 year old still doesnt sleep properly at night & is up at 6am every morning.

    Thats the only one I can think of, but even at 6am when she looks up & smiles at me I forgive her straight away for giving me such a bad night sleep : )

  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    Aw, what a lovely idea for a thread!

    I have 2 year old twins.

    Good points: the changes they make and the overwhelming sense of pride they bring you. Hearing them say 'I love you Mummy', and knowing there are times when only a cuddle from you will make everything better. Making me laugh/smile when I feel rubbish - especially first thing in the morning when they make me a 'cup a tee' from their toy kitchen in the mornings and their confusion in calling a teapot 'pot tee' (which has proven interesting when introducing them to a potty!).

    Bad points - sleep deprivation (they still wake in the night!), tantrums and the huge amount of mess (and I don't mean nappies!) they create...

    I love my little terrors!
  • bitofluffbitofluff Posts: 565

    We have 2 boys (3 and 1)

    Good points:

    1) gettings lots of hugs and kisses

    2) the look on their face when they haven't seen you all day image

    3) Feeling really proud that you have produced lovely kids (breastfeeding too made me feel so happy/proud with myself that I'd managed it as so many ladies have trouble)

    4) Christmas is soooo much fun now!

    5) When they get into bed with us in the morn for a cuddle!

    Bad Points:

    1) We don't have as much money as we used too as we both work full time and our 2 kids are in nursery (costs us a small fortune!)

    2) We are always tired, both of ours sleep through till 7am but its still tiring having them.

    3) Not getting to go out as much now.

    Think thats it!!

  • GemilyJukesGemilyJukes Posts: 321
    Hello! This is a lovely thread, I can't resist replying!

    To me, being a mum is the most amazing thing I have ever done. I adore my daughter and am hugely exited about the prospect of having a baby boy in a few months too! The only bad things I can really think of are sleep deprivation-it is so hard to get used to! Also it sometimes gets a bit hard when you feel ill or run down yet you can't just take a day off to recover as being a mum is a 24/7 job!

    The good points far outweigh the bad though, I love popping in to look over my sleeping daughter before I go to bed each night-the feeling of pride and love for her is overwhelming. Even early mornings are made bearable when she wakes me up by shouting "it's morning time, wakey up Mummy!"

  • anouska-banouska-b Posts: 91
    Aw thank you all - these are just heartwarming image I want one more than ever now. Trying so hard to be patient...

    Sounds like the best thing in the world

  • mrsg2b_2010mrsg2b_2010 Posts: 1,259
    I have a little girl who will be 3 in november and a little boy who is 9 months!

    Good points - My little girl telling me a look beautiful and that she loves me!

    Seeing them do new things that you have never seen before!

    my little boy giving me huge slobbery kisses hehe!

    aking up in the morning to my little girl stroking my face saying 'wake up mummy, morning time'

    hearing my little boy do his fake laugh or seeing him do his big cheesy grin with just his 2 teeth sticking up!!!

    Bad bits - not having a life because H2B cant handle them on his own

    I cant remember the last time i had a bath without the kids peering over the edge and trying to climb in!

    seeing them grow up so quickly.....why cant they be babies just for a little while longer?

  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    good points had our children young oldest is 15 youngest is 13 and im onl 35. unconditionallove from your child, and also the love and care you gave them, hearingthem say mam for the first time. Every stage they go through makes u so proud even as they get older.

    Bad points grow up so quickly, my oldest was born prem and that was a really difficult time.

  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    I have two boys-Rhys is 16 months, Ethan will be 6 weeks on Monday. I couldn't even begin to lost all of the good points, but will try to sum part of it up!

    I feel like I fall in love all over again every time I see them. They honestly make my heart skip and my breath catch in my throat so often. I know that sounds corny, but it's true. I love the way they can't seem to hold you tight enough. My eldest loves to kiss me time and time again, and kisses and hugs his baby brother constantly.

    Rhys has a fake laugh like someone else on here mentioned-it has me in absolute stitches! Ethan, the baby, just gazes into my eyes continuously whilst I'm breastfeeding him, and I find it impossible to look away. They both light up the minute their Daddy walks in after work, and my husband and Rhys have so much fun playing rough and tumble. I love waking up in the morning hearing Rhys shout out for Mummy and Daddy from his room. There are so many other things-I could go on forever!

    Bad points-The constant worry that someone/something will hurt them. The fact that the washing machine has to be on constantly, and the mess. It's easily, easily worth it though. I'd put up with anything for my boys, and I miss them so much when I'm not with them.
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    I became a Mummy in April to my little Princess, she's 14 weeks old now and in such a short time my life has changed SO much...but I wouldnt change it for anything.

    She's jsut started laughing and her face lights up whenever she sees me or h2b. I love it when she gets so excited her feet kick n she shrieks with happiness. The way she gazes at me chokes me up sometimes. I get upset somedays at the rate she's growin up but she is the best thing that ever happened in our lives. I watch her sleeping and feel SO proud that we made something so perfect together.

    Down side is it is tiring...some days when you're dyin for a lie in and she wants to be awake and entertained it's hard. I ave to drag myself out of bed - but when I peer into her moses basket and she grins it makes me shift my butt lol image We don't get out often now but we make each other nice meals and do little romantic things to make up for it, My washing piles creep up and housework gets left sometimes which drivves me insane but she takes up all my spare time - oh and if you want to lie in the bath you ave to book the time 3 days in advance so your fella can prepare himself LOL!

    Nah in all honesty it's amazing!
  • clare1987isclare1987is Posts: 304
    My dayghter is 2 a week today!...Growing up far to fast!

    Good Points-

    The pride you feel when they do even the smallest most insignificant thing,

    The amount of love you realise you can have for just one person,

    Being given a kiss at any given time (be it a very sloppy one!!)

    Cuddles in the morning

    Eating together as a family (strange I know, but its the simple things that make my heart melt!)

    Bad points-

    Sleep deprevation,

    Losing your social life,

    Watching them grow up too quickly image

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