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4 weeks late - but still BFN? So confused !

Hope someone can help or advise?

My period is now 4 weeks late but I have done 4 tests ( a few days apart ) and each one has been a BFN. I came off the pill back in Feb and my periods have more or less been normal and on time so I dont understand whats happened - has this happened to anyone else?


  • NearlyMrsMikeNearlyMrsMike Posts: 1,764
    Hi Natalie,

    Yes, I have had this, I had a 79 day cycle not so long ago and for a while was convinced I just had one of those pregnancies that don't show up on the test.

    From literally January 1st to 18th April this year, I had no AF at all.

    Despite people and advice being that maybe I was pg and had a missed m/c, I just think it was a freak cycle that got carried away, because there was no hint of a BFP.

    I found that when I stopped thinking about it and thought how nice it was to not have AF for nearly 4 months, lo and behold, the witch got me image

    Try not to worry and you will probably get AF. If you can't help but worry though, see your GP and get a blood test and go from there.

    Good luck!
  • sharplesuksharplesuk Posts: 857
    I'm afraid to say I had the same. I came off of my pill in jan 08 and only had three periods between then and sept. I thought it was a mixture of the pill working it's way out of my body and stress and excitement leading up to the wedding so did nothing about it until I got back from honeymoon in oct.

    It could be a number of things but I would def say get yourself down to see your gp if AF doesn't arrive within the next few weeks.

    Good luck.

  • pinkbrideukpinkbrideuk Posts: 397
    Thanks so much for the replies, feel better knowing this has happened to others.

    Have made an appointment to see the doctor anyway but couldnt get in until next wednesday - surprise surprise ! But at least might put my mind at rest anyway
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