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Recommendations for Ovulations Tests Please!

Hi Ladies!

Can anyone recommend some ovulation test to me? And tell me how they work ha! I have no clue and thinking of giving them a try as i have no idea when my cycle is etc x


  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Hey there MrsBridge!

    I wouldn't be able to tell you how they work, but I've heard very good things about the First Response ovulation tests - I think all of these tests can be expensive though :\? x
  • I used them and they are not too expensive (maybe about £2 each but could be wrong)... I used Clear blue!

    Basically, around the time you think you will be ovulating (usually 14 days after start of your period) you take the test... You use it in the same way as a pregnancy test... It will tell you if you are ovulating or not - if you are then your should BD as much as poss for the next 2 days.

    Hope that helps xx
  • I used them and they are not too expensive (maybe about £2 each but could be wrong)... I used Clear blue!

    Basically, around the time you think you will be ovulating (usually 14 days after start of your period) you take the test... You use it in the same way as a pregnancy test... It will tell you if you are ovulating or not - if you are then your should BD as much as poss for the next 2 days.

    Hope that helps xx
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    my fav lady mrscat!!! how you doing?

    I've just looked on boots website and the first response ones are buy one get one free so might give them a go... we really want to give it our best shot next month!! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Oh really? Well if it's buy one get one free I might even give them a go myself, no harm eh!

    I'm good thank you hun, had a little worry this morning which has now gone away thanks to PopsyDiddles linking it to removal of IUD (where would I be without this website?). So, lots more BD'ing this month and then fingers crossed!! image

    Are you looking forward to your hen weekend, it's next week isn't it? x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    thats what i thought! no harm in seeing is there?!

    yeah i'm all sorted for hen do now! two weeks friday i can't wait! I think next week i might be ovulating but not sure? i bled about a week after my coil but not a lot so not sure if it was my first AF or just a reaction to having my coil out? so confusing! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Good glad to hear you're all sorted for your hen do, you must be so excited! I went to Brighton for mine, it was just a small gathering but we had an amazing time - during the day they even got me doing a bollywood dance class (I have two left feet so you can just imagine the scenes!!). Do you know what is planned for you yet, apart from the location of course?

    That's exciting if you think you will be ovulating next week (and can take the test to prove it!). I bled immediately after having the coil removed too, I figured it was a reaction and what I'm currently experiencing also sounds like it might be some kind of delayed reaction (ugh!!). I reckon these ovulation tests you've suggested might be just the ticket to solving all our confusions! x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    we are just going out for a meal on the Friday night and then to a few bars, hopefully sun bathing saturday day! if not then a bit of shopping then Saturday we are all dressing up in 80s stuff! thats all i know! really looking forward to it image

    I've just ordered them from boots, got 10 sticks for £20 which wasn't bad! Just see how i get on with them and report back! i thought i would bleed after having the coil out but didnt have anything, not even a drop and when i did bleed it was about a week later which is whats making me think it was my first AF? I have sore boobs as well but that has gone now apart from that i have been completely the same!

    Tests should be here tomorrow so i will keep you updated! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Morning MrsBridge,

    Hen weekend sounds excellent - I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you get great weather for it!

    Let us know if your tests arrive today. I'm going to try and nip into Boots on my lunchbreak today and pick some up, but I'm not going to tell hubbie that I've bought them - knowing him as I do I reckon that would be too much pressure for him! So my plan is to do them in private and when I know I'm ovulating will ensure we don't miss a single night of BD'ing, lol! image

    Oh by the way the bleed you described sounds like it might have been your AF, which is good because that will give you your first point to chart against - wish I had that!! x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    i'm sat at my desk by the window looking out every 5 mins ha! such a loser! my h2b is the same and i am doing exactly as you would,

    i think it was but i can't remember the exact day it happened but it was sometime last week so i'm assuming i will be ovulating next week? who knows, i dont even think even my body knows what its doing sometimes! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Ha well that makes two of us!! I am so useless today, I have a shed load of work on and I'm trying desperately to keep my head in the game but I have been for a wander twice already today, whoops! I just want it to be lunchtime so I can go to Boots ;\)

    Ah well only half an hour to go!

    I was having a chat with DH last night and saying that there's every chance it could be a while before we get the good news we are hoping for and that I didn't want him to get his hopes up, he looked so disappointed bless him and just said ok but he hopes it happens soon - hence me thinking these ovulation tests will be the best way forward and we may as well take every bit of help we can get. I'll tell him afterwards that I was using them!

    How are your wedding plans progressing by the way, are you pretty much all sorted now? x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    i think, there is no harm in using them.. they are there to help after all! I know deep down it could take months which is why i want to ive our best shot each month hence the tests. Plus i really want a summer 2010 baby that would be the cherry on the cake for us image

    Wedding plans are coming along nicely thank you, all big things done now it's just all the little details! I can't wait we've been engaged for almost 3 years so we have been looking forward to it for a long time! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Wow I remember exactly how you're feeling now, all that planning and preparation and it's almost here - slightly surreal isn't it? :\)

    I went out to Boots at lunchtime as planned, and boy did I bag a bargain! I went up to the First Response products, some of which were sitting on a separate shelf with the big BOGOF sign beneath them, it confirmed that only the £20 ovulation tests and pregnancy tests were included in the offer, HOWEVER, there were none of the 5 pack ovulation tests on the shelf - instead they had put the 20 pack ovulation sticks for £30 on the shelf. I saw an opportunity image

    Picked up two of the packs, walked to the counter to pay and the price came up at £60, I said "oh I thought they were BOGOF, they were on a sepaate shelf coudl you check it for me please", the lady went to check and when she returned she said yes you're right maybe the system hasn't been I walked out of there with 40 ovulation sticks for just £30!!

    Someone is smiling down on me today! x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    bargain!!! i know they didn't have any in my local boots and being the impatient mare i am couldnt wait until the weekend to try another one so i ordered them online to arrive today and they are still not here!! not impressed!

    I know it's a weird thing to say but the day is going to be weird because i dont know what to expect if that makes sense!?? i think i am just going to be in a bubble all day! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Oh no they still haven't arrived? Fingers crossed that they arrive first thing tomorrow morning then, so you can test straight away!

    You know what, the entire day itself is weird! (In the very best way of course). In every single photo I have I am grinning like some kind of drug-addicted Cheshire cat, but it's really a feeling you cannot describe to anyone you are up on such a high cloud.

    One of my friends told me before the wedding that when I walked down the aisle I should only look at DH and not at anyone else because it helps you keep your focus, and also to try and go round speaking to people as a couple during the reception or you don't spend any time at all together. The only other piece of advice I really wish someone had told me about before the wedding, was to keep in mind where my flowers almost every photo I am holding them high up against my boobs or sticking them out to the side of me, it looked so silly! image

    Oh, and one more thing - don't let ANYONE small hug you once you're in your dress and before you have had the little cousin did the second she saw me in mine, and I received a nice patch of orange foundation and mascara on my ivory satin bodice, 5 minutes before I was due to get into the car!! My hairdresser had put make-up on her without telling any of us. I had to alter the way I wore my hair to cover up the stain, but that's a story for another day!

    Where are you guys off to for your honeymoon? x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    that is some good advice! I have already told h2b that i will just be looking at him! the ailse isn't very long so i should be ok!

    We were going to cuba but we moved house about 8 weeks ago so we are now just have a week in Cornwall.... if i'm honest i think i prefer it! I am a terrible flyer and would be dreading the flight where as Cornwall is where i always went on holiday with my parents when i was younger, we never went abroad.. so long as its just me and hubby to be i dont care where we are though! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    That sounds lovely, Cornwall is so beautiful! I'm the same as you, always went to Devon or Cornwall as a kid, I'd love to go back. And what you've said is so true, you and your new husband will have an amazing time together no matter where in the world you are! ;\)

    You're proper hardcore though I must say, moving house and getting wed in such a short space of time, you've got my total admiration! x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    It wasn't planned but they were building affordable housing in the village where i have lived my whole life up until 3 years ago and where my parents still live and we were allocated one so we couldnt really turn it down.. we had to fork out quite a bit hence cancelling the honeymoon but in the long term we will be saving money and it's 100 times better where we were and its our house!

    Just rung up DHL and had a go! should be here today! x
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Well I don't think there's any debate between buying a new house somewhere you are both happy in and going abroad for your honeymoon, it's a no-brainer. I wish we could afford to move somewhere else, I love our little house but I really hate the area, I don't feel very safe. Unfortunately there's no way we will be able to afford a move for a few years yet though!

    Can't believe DHL haven't delivered your tests yet, they would have been quicker getting to you if they were just sent first class post!! Hope they do arrive today.

    Took my first test this morning but no cigar, don't reckon it will show up as ovulating for at least another week. To be honest though right now that's a good thing, DH was complaining of not feeling well this morning so if I have a week to get him back to 100% health that would work out well! x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    they have just arrived! tempted to do one now as all of a sudden i need the loo.... i think next week will be the week though if i was right about my first AF... fingers crossed for both of us!

    My ket also says there is a free PG test as well? Bargain! Maybe it was worth the extra day wait?... i'm so impatient its a nightmare!

    Ur right about house, even though it is still a two be it is much better, all the rooms are twice the size and its so nice being back in the village where i grew up and where my parents are!

    Heres to hopefully lots of BDing next week! may go a do a test though.. just to make sure i know how they work of course! x
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