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Can anyone help? Possible TMI, sorry


It's possible I'm worrying about nothing here, but I'm hoping that one of you ladies might have had some experience of what I am describing and be able to put my mind at ease?

Saturday and Sunday I was getting discharge which I've never had or seen before, it is always either a light brown or salmon pink in colour and is only there when I wipe (sorry this all sounds horrible I know). Could almost have been mistaken for AF, which is actually what I thought it was at first. Noting yesterday so I decided to forget about it but it is now back with ever so slightly darker bits in it and there's a decent amount of it, it's definitely discharge and not blood. I've not had any cramps with it at all and I'm a little bit worried about what it might be since I've never had this before. By the way I am definitely not pregnant.

I recently had my coil removed, could this be anything to do with it? Has anybody experienced this and knows what it is? My husband and I are very much hoping to start a family soon and I am concerned that whatever this is, it could be a bad sign for us :\(

Any help or advice you might be able to give me would be really appreciated, thank you x


  • it is probably nothing to worry about - when is AF due? i used to sometimes get that a few days before AF....
  • PopsyDiddlesPopsyDiddles Posts: 303

    Had exactly the same thing just after I had an IUD taken out. I asked the doctor about it and she said its probably old blood (hope not too much information!) I had swabs taken and they all came back fine; if it continues then maybe you might want to do the same just to put your mind at rest.

    Good luck with your family plans xxx

    (I'm 14 weeks pregnant with 3rd baby!)
  • MrsCatukMrsCatuk Posts: 449
    Ah thank you both for your replies. PopsyDiddles that has definitely put my mind at ease, I think I might wait and see how long it continues for, if it stops soon I'll just forget about it.

    Sunshine alas I have no idea when AF is due, my cycles are crazy and sometimes a couple of months apart! Experienced sore boobs last week which have now gone away now (not my boobs of course just the soreness, lol), hence my thinking that I had got AF at the weekend. I wouldn't have worried about it if it hadn't made a re-appearance today and because it's nothing I've ever had before! But if it's all due to coil removal that would make sense.

    Thanks agan both of you xx
  • LOL that would be bad if the boobs had gone away.... def would need a trip to the GP then image

    Hope it gets better soon for you xx
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