advice-ttc and jabs

Hi Ladies,

we are in our first month of ttc, we get married in turkey in 3 weeks and i have been told i need typhoid jab. Dont think i have ovulated yet so dont think i'm preg, but have heard you cannot ttc for 3 months after jabs?

Has any one else heard of this? I would be gutted if it was the case! image

Will of course speak to nurse about it, but fri seems a million miles away from today, and the though of not being able to ttc is heartbreaking after waiting soooo ling to finally start!image


  • I have heard mixed reports on this.... worth speaking to the pharmacist rather than the Dr.

    I had to put off a trip to India with work when i was TTC but that was also to do with the anti malaria tablets.

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi sunshine254 thanks for your reply. I had heard that with Malaria.

    Not even sure whether its worth having jab (i'm sure thats a really stupid thing to say bit i sooo badly want a baby and the chances of cathing typhoid will be soo low-we are going to very commercial part of turkey).

    Will def get advice on it though.
  • loopylauraluloopylauralu Posts: 201
    I went to turkey a year ago and I didn't know you needed a Typhoid jab, I was fine.
  • I spoke to nurse today, and she said its such low risk that if we are ttc then not to bother as it is worse to have it and ttc, than it is not to have it!

    So wasted trip, but really pleased we dont have to wait to ttc! yipppeeeeee!
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