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Christening help

hope someone can help me!

I am organising my babies christening but have never done this before so am unsure of what to do regarding entertainment. we have booked the church and venue. we are doing our own food and decor and have this sorted.

The thing thats puzzling me is do we hire a dj even though it will start at 12.30pm or do i just do my own music?

any advice appreciated x

Alison and Keira 4 months


  • Alison-79Alison-79 Posts: 237
    heres her piccie!

    she loves the camera!
  • dmwilsdmwils Posts: 1,265
    aww wee cutie

    you don't need any entertainment at a Christening.

    please dont loose focus of the what you are doing in terms of the religious aspect.

    all that really should happen after a Christening is a gathering of friends and family with some food provided. most often done at the families home or the church or village hall. this is not meant to be a fancy do/party with decorations and entertainment hun.

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  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    Shes gorgeous!

    we had our sons christening a few weeks back and didnt have any entertainment. well we had a garden party afterwards with a bbq and we had some music in the background. we did hire a bouncy castle as we had a few children there, so i suppose you could class that as entertainment. i think the adults used it more though lol! have a fantastic day, whatever you choose to do. and dont worry about making it like a wedding no one will expect you to! x
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