Need your advice Ladies.....

Ok not going to go into tooo much detail hehe as was not sexy but Monday I was ill and I mean ILL!!!

Anyway thought I had food poisoning and the stress has caused some random skin rash on body!!

I know bad luck ey!!

Well anyway, was still feel rough yesterday and thought better see a doc, as new to area not registered yet so driving round like a loon to see who get get me in and seen there and then (crazy I know!?!)

After I got my third rejection actually broke down in tears and sobbed in the reception lol Now I am not emotional!!

So thought sod it, went to the a&e GP Trige thingy, so here it goes

blah blah blah

Ok are you allergic to any medication? Yes blah blah blah

me: oh by the way have still got belly pains

Examines me: Mmmm could you be pg?

me: Yeah there is a chance would be fast mover, only had ov on 13th

him: OK will not going to give you any meds, do a test end of month!!!

Do you think I could be pg????

H2B literally started whooping in the background lol



  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518
    ooooooo keep my fingers crossed for you

  • TullulahukTullulahuk Posts: 309
    Do you think I am?

    Just find it weird he was about to give me meds and then examined and hurt!!! by belly and then said no lol
  • MrsShrekhamMrsShrekham Posts: 518
    If there is the possibility hun - you can't rule it out altogether

  • MRSJP2BE09MRSJP2BE09 Posts: 572
    Yeah you could be.

    Do an early test image You never no you might have the hormones in your body... So it might show up... The only thing is that you might get a false negative... I would be too impatient to wait image xxx
  • TullulahukTullulahuk Posts: 309
    I know!! I want to know but then not sure if it was negative would be gutted lol

    Not sure if its related but was 5 days late last month and then had a short light p

  • tattbagtattbag Posts: 264
    it may be possible that last months 'light af' was in fact an implat bleed - and therefore feeling like your ill now may actually be morning sickness - test Tullulah, go to a supermarket and get a pack of 2 for about £5 - £2.50 to put your mind at rest? probably worth it!
  • TullulahukTullulahuk Posts: 309
    So excited now :~)

    Will wait till this months p's as due next week!!

    But.... actually got told I look glowing today lol

    I know way to early but just took me hahahaha

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