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I wish we could sample the pain relief....

LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
Has anyone been able to give the different methods of pain relief a go before they got to test them out for real in labour? I'd love to have a go with some gas and air or maybe something a bit more just to see if it actually works for me. image Innocently of courseimage Im finding half of the aggro is coming from considering 'all options' when it comes to child birth because you just dont know how you'll react. If i knew that gas and air didnt help then i could immediatly cross off some options for child birth and get on with planning what to do instead. Ho hummmm


  • wraggy22wraggy22 Posts: 889
    I've never had children but havehad avrious means of pain relief for procedures:

    Gas and air took my mind of things a bit because i was concentrating on breathing but as for pain relief it as totally ineffectual, pethadene I found to be amazing pain relief but does send you quite squiffy in the old mind! Like wsie with morphine only more so (but I don't think they generally give morphine to labour patients!) Hope this helps a bit but sorry Ican't relate it to your issue.
  • GemilyJukesGemilyJukes Posts: 321
    Well I had a very long labour with my daughter and had everything going in the end!

    Gas and air was great and really did work as a distraction, pethidine eased the pain but made me very spaced out and also led to my daughter being very sleepy when she was born thus making breast feeding harder to establish. Eventually I was given an epidural (despite my birth notes saying I didn't want one image and I was so out of it my ex consented against my wishes) and I hated it. I had incontinence and back problems for ages after and my legs had to be held up when I was eventually able to push.

    I would recommend gas and air but avoid the rest. This time I am hoping for a home birth with only gas and air.
  • mrsg2b_2010mrsg2b_2010 Posts: 1,259
    I looooooe gas and air lol, Spent most of the time haing a laugh with my h2b, didnt hae any other pain relief as they all slow the labour down to some extent and i just wanted to hold my little man as soon as possible!

    With my daughter, because she was 6 weeks early and i apparently wasnt in labour i went to 8 cms on a paracetemol then got rushed down for an emergency c-cection because she was also breech!!! so had the epidural for that and that was my best friend lol!!!
  • sharon30uksharon30uk Posts: 128

    First baby had epidural and tried gas & air but didn't like the smell and didn't really give it a chance, during delivery wasn't aware of my contractions and wasn't pushing hard enough, after delivery felt as though my legs were as heavy as tree trunks!!!

    Second baby had dia morphine and gas & air, loved the gas & air this time and wouldn't part with it, felt it control but once the dia morphine kicked in I felt sleepy and spaced out. I would probably just stick to gas & air next time if possible, well if i could manage lol!!!

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