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slapped cheek syndrome


We're going to a family weekend get together in 2 weeks, and I've just found out my niece has slapped cheek. I know its advised to avoid contact with this when pregnant (I'm 10 weeks). Although I'm sure she'll be OK in 2 weeks I'm a bit concerned her brother/parents will then have been exposed and potentially be infectious. I'm going to call my midwife next week and see what she thinks but any ideas? We were planning to tell them 'the news' so will be very disappointed if we can't go.


  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    You're probably immune, however, if you're between 9 and 20 weeks, which you are, best to avoid as it can cause problems.

    Please note that people are infectious BEFORE the rash appears but once the rash appears they are no longer contagious.

    You can have a blood test to check your immunity.

    Either way have a chat with your midwife.
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