I'm Pregnant!!! Questions, questions, questions.

Well ladies I found out yesterday that I was PREGNANT. Can't believe it.

We have been trying to a year and a half and I wen't back on the pill 10 months ago in the run up to the wedding. About 6 weeks ago I had a headache/stomach bug/virus, and I must have just brought my pill back up so it was obviously inaffective.

We get married in 5 day!!!!!!

This week I have all of my beauty treatments booked in etc and we fly to America next Monday.

This will be my first baby so I have lots and lotsa of questions (sorry in advance)

Firstly Hair colouring?? Is it ok to have my hair coloured in the first few weeks of pregnancy???

How about acrylic nail? I've had them for years but obviously don't want to continue having them if they could harm the baby.

I have a body wrap booked for Friday morning? I presume this will not be good for the baby either?

My wedding dress is a corset and is very tight around the stomach, will this be ok for the day as I have no bump or anything?

Flying? Will I be ok to fly at 6 weeks pregnant?

Next one seems a bit daft as the answer seems obvious, but thought I would check anyway.

As we are going to America, we have tickets for the theme parks in California, will I still be able to ride the rollercoasters?

Lastly does anybody have any general advice about do's and donts. Foods I should be avoiding etc??

We were sooo shocked at the test result's (i took three) No alcohol for me on my wedding day or honeymoon.

I'm just glad I have decided to do a test out of the blue as I had been very sick, feeling sick, vomitting etc. If I hadn't of done the test I would have been blottoed on my wedding day and for three weeks on honeymoon.

I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday morning so will be able to rack her brains but I hav e all of these questions and am being very impatient.

Sorry this has been such a long post but I know how good you girls are at giving advice.

Many thanks in advance.

Jemma xxxxx


  • HollysmumHollysmum Posts: 313
    Hey congrats on the pregnancy. The only bits I can give advice on is, you cant colour your hair & you wont be able to go on any of the rides either.

    Foods you have to avoid as far as I can remember are runny fried eggs, peanuts, pate, homemade mayo, you are only allowed so much tuna is 1 week (something to do with mercury I think?) Shellfish? There probably more as they keep dept of health keep changing the rules. Oh soft whip ice cream like Mr whippy style you cant have either! Ice cream auch as ben & jerrys out of a tub is fine.

    Hope this helps & good luck with the big day x
  • Thanks hoolysmum. Thats a good start with the info, so thanks alot, interesting about the fish as well as I am a veggie but eat fish, yes I kinoooowww lol. Going to have to look into that one.

    We are so excited, but still in shock as well and its all so much to think about with the wedding on Saturday. Luckily h2b and I are super duper organised and everything is sorted apart from taking everything to the venue.

  • HollysmumHollysmum Posts: 313
    You must be over the moon.

    When I went to my doc appointment, I got some info leaflets from her & she booked me into my first appointment with the midwife. That will be when you are around 8 weeks. The doc will also work out your due date. I also think flying is ok, I flew down to london when I was pregant with no bother. When I was pregnant I joined the boots parenting club. Its free & they give you really good advice & plenty of freebies which always helps x
  • samoooosamoooo Posts: 288
    congrats on the pregnancy image

    If you're talking to anyone about food, you may find it easier to use the term 'pescatarian' rather than vegetarian, as that will give you more accurate food suggestions for health.

    (and yes it is an actual term) image
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831

    If you're concerned, give your GP a quick call and explain the situation and I'm sure they'll be able to answer the queries you have.

    Corset dress - I'm sure this will be fine as the baby will still be very small and hidden inside quite deep. Only thing I would suggest is possibly not doing it up as tightly as you might have intended, just to give you some breathing space!

    I was told there are certain hair dyes that you can use when pregnant. It depends on the ingredients used. Do you go to a salon or use it at home? If at the salon, ask the colourist. Perhaps check the packaging if its home colour - although if it doesn't specifically say that it IS safe to use in pregnancy then I wouldn't use it. The nails - I don't think that this is a problem, but the main thing would probably be breathing the fumes in the salon. I would try and get to a spot that is well ventilated.

    As for flying, I think its generally ok until the later stages of pregnancy. You might want to check this with your GP. The rides are definitely a no-no though - I think its all to dow ith g-force and pressure on the body.

    Wishing you a fabulous day, a wonderful honeymoon and a happy, healthy pregnancy! x
  • Thank you so much ladies image

    I just want to shout it from the roof tops, but we have decided to wait to tell anybody until at least after the wedding. We have been planning the wedding for two years and as estatic as we are about the pregnancy we don't want that to overshadow the fact that we will have just got married on Saturday. Also I don't have doctors until wednesday and not sure how much we will find out then so want to keep it hush hush untils its 100% deffinate. image Ahhh so excited.

    If any of you are still to get married or have your babies, then all the very best for the future. May it be filled with lots of health and happiness xxxx
  • toni-lou82toni-lou82 Posts: 414
    It is fine to colour your hair during pregnancy (I am a qualified hairdresser and also did lots of reserch on this when I got pregnant) and it's equally fine to get your nails done.

    Your baby is very low and very deep and tiny at the min so you will be fine with a corset just maybe not so tight that you turn blue!!

    You will be fine to fly, just make sure you walk around a lot and keep hydrated, but unfortunately no rolercoasters on honyemon.

    The Dr will give you a list of do's and don'ts for food!!



    x x x
  • gemz0112gemz0112 Posts: 488
    just out of interest (and this may be a really stupid question) why can't you go on rollercoaster in the very early stages of pregnancy? xx
  • mrsg2b_2010mrsg2b_2010 Posts: 1,259
    The only reason they say not to colour your hair during pregnancy is that you hair changes and it might not take to your hair as it usually would!!

    Nails are fine!

    With both my kids i didnt know i was pregnant til i was around 6 weeks, with my first i was living in spain and had ust met my h2b so was getting drunk nearly every day and with my 2nd we were on holiday so of course, lots of drinking, Felt so bad when i found out i was pregnant but they are both fine and healthy! I'm not promoting to drink whilst you are pregnant but one glass of champers on your wedding day wont hurt!

    Congratulations xx
  • cath77ukcath77uk Posts: 260
    It is safe to colour your hair in pregnancy (particularly if you use foils) but go to your hairdressers first and ask them to do a strand test - pregnancy hormones can affect what colcur the dye will turn out!

    I would check about the body wrap - generally a lot of spa treatments are not recommended in pregnancy.

    I flew at 6 weeks pregnant and was fine!

    I have no idea about nails or rollercoasters - try googline it, you'll be amazed at the amount of info out there.

    For advice on food see:


    Congratulations!! image

  • Quoted:
    just out of interest (and this may be a really stupid question) why can't you go on rollercoaster in the very early stages of pregnancy? xx

    I would say it's becaus eof the way you get thrown around it could cause miscarriage, but not 100% I do know that you're not meant to do viagrous sport for the same reason, so would think the same rule applies to roller coasters.

    I can definately say with flying it's fine, my work colleague flew to spain in her 2nd trimester i think it's something like 3 weeks before/ early 3rd trimester which is the cut off point. As somone else suggested aeroplane socks (thiose tight ones) keep moving your ankles and wriggling your toes in flight and walk around if you can.

    With the spa treatments i would say talk to the salon as they will know what oils you can and can't have used.

    Good luck and congratulations x x
  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,077
    I would check your travel insurance, you may not be covered if you are pregnant. Sometimes they ask for a docs letter to say its safe and doctors do not always give them. Also, you are exposed to low level radiation when you fly which isnt normally harmful, but isnt very good for your tiny baby, my mum works on a cancer unit and she does not advise flying at all in pregnancy. As for foods, cut down on your caffine (2 cups of instant coffee or tea a day max), avoid all cheese with white rind, and blue cheese, start taking your folic acid asap, look up how much protein and calcium you should have every day and try and increase both, increase your water intake and fresh fruit and veg. No alcohol, no drugs (inc paracetamol, unless you have a fever), wash all your fuit and veg carefully, even salad that comes in a bag. Be prepaired to feel pretty rubbish, take some dry crackers and a sick bag whereever you go! I sounds horrific, but its soooooo worth it!

    Godd luck,

    Em x

  • foxinsocks7foxinsocks7 Posts: 348
    You are allowed to fly until you are 7 months pregnant. And the only reason they don't usually allow you to fly after that is in case you go into labour on the flight.
  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,077
    In most case, yes you are allowed to fly, but you are also allowed to drink smoke etc in pregnancy, its just a choice not to!
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