11 days late hpts negative ??

My AF is never normally late, and although I have just come off the pill, I took a break from it about a year and a half ago for about 6 months and I was regular straight away.

I am now 11 days late and have done a few hpts all of which have come back negative (have done them in the morning as per the instructions and they are the early response ones). Feeling quite queasy the last week or so but not being sick and am also really tired, but there could be simple explanations for both of those so I may just be reading too much into it!

Is there any chance I could still be pg? I am going to the docs on Wednesday but I'm not sure if they do any sort of different test or not. And if so how long do you have to wait to find out the results?

As a sort of random addition to this it's my hubby's birthday this weekend and we're having a big party and I don't want to drink if there's any chance I am. Haven't been anyway for that reason, also really just don't fancy it.



  • d1vad1vad1vad1va Posts: 100
    Hi schooko07

    Are you sure you ovulated at your "normal" time? ie do you chart/take your temps? There are many many reasons why you can ovulate late (stress/illness/shock etc etc!) therefore delaying when your AF would happen. (The time between ovulating and AF doesn't usually vary much, but the time from the start of your cycle to ovulating can vary HUGELY!) If the tests are coming back negative I would think it's most likely that you are just having a longer cycle than you have had before, but if you're really worried you could ask for a blood test when you're at the doctor. HTH image
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    Hi schooko07

    Oh please let us know what the doctors say - I'm currently 19 days late, and always very regular. I have done a HPT and it came up negative. I'm feeling abit sicky and tired - but like you - there could be other reasons for that. I did see the doctor about another issue when I was 2 days late and they asked me to "do a sample" and then just did a standard pregancy test - looked similar to HPT's. I've got an appointment booked but not for another two weeks so if no AF by then, I'll be 2 months late. Sorry cant be much help, but at least you know you're not alone. x
  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,077
    Not much advice, but id try a CB digital test, they are supposed to be very good.

    Good luck, i hope you get the results you are hoping for.

    Em x
  • schoonko07schoonko07 Posts: 160
    ok here's a little update!Went to the doc's today & they said that there was every possibility i could be pg & that she had had a few cases where women didn't show up on tests for ages but i have to go in next wednesday for another test and just keep seeing until i get a positive or a period.She was really nice though & when i asked would it not be odd to still test negative at almost two weeks late she said not at all,some women don't produce enough hcg to show up on tests for a good while!Although don't know any more than before i feel a bit relieved for some reason!
  • mrsloopyloumrsloopylou Posts: 1,246
    I had same symptoms this month, i was over a week late, never late, kept doing tests and they kept coming back neg, the AF finally got me, i think stress mayabe plays a huige factor in your cycle and the more you wnat somehing, the body is a complex thing at times and plays mean tricks on you, keep trying your get there xx but to be on safe side get doc to do a blood test, at least it will put your mind at rest and confirm one way or another xx
  • schoonko07schoonko07 Posts: 160
    Randomly, just before I read the last post I was logging in to say I think my AF is here, or certainly coming now anyway. I really wasn't stressed or anything and we weren't trying yet so it wasn't that I had been really wanting it to be that at the start, but as time went on I really started to wonder. If this is it coming now I am over two weeks late, which is so odd for me.

    Oh well, at least this way I will be back to the plan of trying from September October but thanks to all who gave advice!
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