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Keep in touch days at work - please tell me more

Hi Ladies,

I am in the process of writing my composing my notification of pregnancy letter to my employer and i am really interested in coming back to work for keep in touch days during my maternity leave.

However i dont know much about this and would like to have my facts straight before i put it in writing!!

I have searched online but everything i can find is in jargon and i'm finding it tricky to understand!

If any of you know anything about this i would love to hear from you!




9 weeks today!!


  • moelgwynmoelgwyn Posts: 92
    Hi Carly

    Congrats on your 9 weeks! How exciting! Can't wait until thats me!

    Anyway - keeping in touch days (just been on a seminar so hopefully this is still fresh in my mind!!)

    You are entitled to 10 keeping in touch days during your maternity leave. These are days you can go into work, keep up to date with things etc. You can be paid for these days and this doesn't effect your maternity pay. So you can receive maternity pay + 10 days pay. Any more than 10 days and you are no longer eligible for maternity pay so make sure you don't go over the 10 days!

    I hope that makes sense - please let me know if I've rambled too much.

    Good luck with everything

  • carlym1985carlym1985 Posts: 625
    Thanks so much HCS, thats really helpful.

    Do you know if my employer has to allow me to do this?


  • moelgwynmoelgwyn Posts: 92
    Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you, I'm not on here much anymore (trying to wean myself off weddings!!)

    Yes - your employer has to give you these staying in touch days, although I'm not sure about the rules with pay. ACAS are really good for advice, ring their helpline and they will be able to tell you exactly what your rights are. They are always friendly and helpful so deff give them a ring. Maybe make a list of all your questions re mat leave, SMP etc and get them all answered in 1 go.

    Good luck hun x
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