what do you all think?

Hi ladies

We have been ttc since august last year and have had no luck so far.

I seem to be having symptoms( mood swings, feeling sick, fluttering tummy, tender swelling breasts, wierd taste in my mouth like metal) so all normal symptoms you would link to pregnancy however I have taken a test and its a BFN!

Oh should also say my cycle is normally like clockwork but im 8 days late so far.

I'm really confused and think on paper I should have a BFP but its not :\?

Anyone have any suggestions, do yo uthink i could be or are the tests normally accurate if my period is so late?



  • xxMrsTxxxxMrsTxx Posts: 467
    hmm, sounds like you might be ye, go to the doctors for a double check image

    Mrs T xox
  • tanyadmtanyadm Posts: 53
    What brand of test did you try? I found First Response good. Alternatively docs can do a blood test which would be reliable.

  • vikki2906vikki2906 Posts: 310
    i used a clear blue digital, i have another one there so think will give it to the weekend and test again if period doesnt come and see the doc if that doesnt bring any news.

    I just read so many other posts about the same thing, so thanks ladies for your response!
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