Rapid weight gain in early pregnancy?


I got married on 30th May and got my BFP 2 weeks ago. I'm now 6weeks pregnant and totally miserable.

We're happy about the baby, but I've put on a load of weight in the past 2 weeks. I haven't really been eating much at all (morning sickness and scared of weight gain), but I was in a 12/14 trouser and now the 14 doesn't fit at all. It's especially hard as I'm in recovery from years of anorexia, and 18 months ago I was a size 4.

To make matters worse I am in kidney failure and was taking diurectics, but have been told to stop them, which has resulted in bad fluid retention. My antidepressants are being reduced for the baby too.

It's stupid, we were told my chances of conceiving were low because of my health, and we managed it in 4 months. I was so happy about the baby but my body is changing out of my control so rapidly I feel terrified and today just feel like i want to die.

Please can anyone help?


  • nikki_ismenikki_isme Posts: 1,474
    Im quite surprised the docs reduced your antidepressents without giving you some alternative support. I think you need to go to your gp and voice your concerns x
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    I too am also a recovering anorexic , so totally understand how you are feeling, I am 3 months pregnant and alothough exstatic that we have a wee bundle on the way am so paranoid about weight gain!! I bet to everyone else you havent put on much weight at all its just probably bloating as most people get this!

    If you need to talk I am happy to listen always good to have someone who understands an anorexics emotions!!


  • tanyadmtanyadm Posts: 53
    Hi sweetheart,

    sorry to hear you're struggling, but congratulations on your pregnancy.

    It's quite unlikely that it is 'weight gain', but more likely to be the early signs of your uterus expanding, or as the previous poster said, bloating.

    I think one of the hardest things to come to terms with in pregnancy is that you no longer have control over your body, particularly as a recovering anorexic. You kind of just have to surrender and focus on the new little life you're creating. But I know how difficult that is.

    If you can get some extra support in lieu of your anti-depressants, you should seek it out. Don't suffer on your own if you don't have to.

    And you've always got listening ears here.

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