Scan at booking appt?

Hi everyone,

Im back after a few weeks break. We finally got married on 18th July and had an AMAZING day. Couldnt have asked for anything better and am loving being Mrs C!!!

Found out a week after the wedding that I was 5 weeks pregnant and after seeing the GP have got a due date of 27th March 2010 image Could life get much better??!!

Got a question though, I got my booking appt through from the hospital for 22nd September when I will almost be 14 weeks. But everyone is telling me that I wont have my scan then???? Surely I should be having my scan at 12 weeks? If it any longer than the booking appt, I'll be in my 15th week of pregnancy or even further!!!

We havent told anyone yet and were going to put a scan picture in a card for our mums and dads to surprise them but I think if we have to wait that long I will be showing long before then!!

What happened with everyone else? Did you have a scan at your booking appt or did you have to wait even longer?

And how far gone were you when you had your dating scan?

Any advice would really help me image



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  • RhianJRhianJ Posts: 142
    Hi there,

    Firstly, congratulations!

    I had my booking appoitment with the midwife at 10 weeks, I had my first scan on Wednesday at 13 weeks and I have had an appointment through today for my next scan at 19 weeks.

    At my booking appointment the midwife gave me a date for my first scan. You will be due your scan when you go for the booking appointment. As it is a few weeks away I suggest you give them a call to ask if they are going to complete it then, if not, then ask them for a seperate appointment so at least you have a scan booked in.

    Good luck x
  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,076
    I would just call up and find out. Some areas seem to do late scans but i think you should have one before 14 weeks! Id call the place thats booked you in for the mw appointment and just check it out.

    Good luck and big congrats!

    Em x
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  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Hi there -First congratulations! How great is that knowing on your first anniversary you get to celebrate with your baby. I got married in March 2010 and am expecting Jan 2011.

    I had my scan at 11 weeks, 5 days because I wanted to have nunchal scan. I am 39 years old so I had a combined dating and nunchal scan. I think it depends on your borough. I have known people to have scan from 12 - 14 weeks. Also you will be surprise when you have your scan your calculation will be different so try not to worry. We waited until we had our scan before we told anyone - enjoy it until then because it will be 20 questions image
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    Hi hc2b - I am also due on the 27th March!! image

    Don't suppose you are in the oxfordshire area?

    I booked in with the doctor the day I found out and was given all the relevant documents to read to decide what scans we wanted. We decided on a dating scan (even though I know, I just want a scan at 12 weeks and don't want the nunchal one so the doctor said we's just pretend!) and the normal 20ish week one and the doctor booked them in at the hospital for me so just got to wait for the dates to come through. But the midwife appointment (is that the booking one, I don't actually know) is going to be when I am around 10 weeks. Why don't you go to your doctors and ask to be booked in for one at 12 weeks, I was surprised to find out that not everyone has a 12 week scan, apparently it is only if you want the nunchal one or you are unsure of your dates (or like me, you lie!)

  • Congratulations. I am due around the 20th March. I went to the doctor after taking the test, he refered me to the antenatal clinic. I called them to book my booking appointment which is on the 6th September so I will be 12 weeks. I asked when the scan would be and was told it would happen the same day. They have told me the appointment could last up to 3 hours so hope that the scan will be included!
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