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having a blonde moment

can u still get pregnant after tryin after ur ovulation dates


  • sarahbubssarahbubs Posts: 1,049
    Well you only fall pregnant during your ovulation dates apparantley, and i know that i conceived on the day i was most fertile in that period.

    A friend of mine swears though she fell pregnant when she wasnt ovulating, I guess it doesnt hurt to keep trying eve when your not ovulating to increase your chances and remember sperm can live up too 7 days.

  • Before you ov if you BD the sperm can live inside you waiting for the egg. Sperm can live up to 5 days or something (probably longer). When you ov if there is sperm waiting around it fertilises the egg. The egg lives for 12 hours. So you can get pregnant right after you ov but only in that 12 hours. After that if you don't ferilise the egg you can't get pregnant. Thats why the period after ov is called the two week wait because you are waiting to see if the sperm caught the egg. Thats also why it is important to BD as much as possible before you ovulate, so theres lots of healthy sperm waiting for the egg. Hope this helps.
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    This question was asked in Aug 09, this forums gone all upside down! weird!
  • That cant be right tina joined in March this year! Something strange going on with the dates...
  • Mrs_S21Mrs_S21 Posts: 402

    just noticed on a post i commented on it said i also joined 26th/03/2010

    which i didn't as i've been using this since about 08 as i got married in august 08!!

  • Same.. I joined in 2008. That you MrsSetter?
  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    thanks for reply ladies i did post this post a while back dont understand why it back on again

  • Mrs_S21Mrs_S21 Posts: 402
    if that post was to me MrsF i'm not who u thought!! lol that sounds strange!

    used 2 be mrs-stewardson2b!!

  • Ah sorry there was someone who used to post under name Mrs Setter that had a black cat as their avatar. Sorry for confusion! image
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